Brand Introduction

Boardway’s Aim:

Boardway founded in early 2014, aims to find the way for board – to discover more usage, better replaceability and higher environmental feature and to contribute our lives on a boarder way of the plastic board all the world around.

Ensure that Boardway is a socially responsible company that contributes positively to the communities in which it operates, minimises the impact of its business activities on the environment, provides a safe and fair working environment, provides opportunity for employees, treats all stakeholders and partners with respect, and advocates good practices and behaviours

Cultural Connotation

Social Responsibility

A commitment to the environment:

Boardway is aware of the effect its plants can have, and so controls and regulates emissions of gas, residues and paint that are part of the manufacturing process.Being pioneer of its sector, Boardway is committed to protecting the environment at the beginning of its establishment, obtaining the certification ISO 9001 & ISO 14001.Strive to reduce consumption of materials and energy, recycle as much as possible and, where possible, source energy from renewable sourcesAdvocate sound environmental practices to our employees, suppliers, partners and customers Meet and exceed all environmental obligations with regard to legislation, Taking practical action to support China's commitment to carbon emissions in UNFCCC.

A commitment to the environment:

Treat employees fairly and respectfully at all times
Provide excellent working conditions
Remunerate our employees fairly and continue to provide a profit share scheme
Communicate openly and honestly with all employees
Provide appropriate training and development opportunities for all employees
Meet and exceed all equal opportunities legislation
Meet and exceed all health and safety legislation to provide a safe working environment for our employees

A commitment to Employees:

Treat fairly and respectfully
Only work with suppliers, contractors, clients and parnters who are socially responsible
Contrive to provide a very high level of client service
Achieve a very high level of customer satisfaction.
Play a leading role in driving positive change within the business sectors in which we operate