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What is the thermal insulation performance of PVC foam board?

What is the thermal insulation performance of PVC foam board?

Update Time:2020-09-16

Sometimes customers ask us: Is the PVC foam board an insulation material? What is its thermal insulation property?


For PVC foam boards of different thicknesses, the thermal conductivity is different. For this reason, we tested the  thermal insulation property of PVC foam boards of different thicknesses. The following are the test results.

All materials with average temperature not higher than 350℃ and thermal conductivity less than or equal to 0.12W/m.K are collectively referred to as thermal insulation materials.

Based on the above test results, we can conclude that: PVC foam board is not an insulation material.

Does it mean that PVC foam board is not suitable as an insulation materials for construction?

Actually, that's not true. If you want a better heat insulation property, our solution is to use PVC foam board with an thermal insulation materials.


We have two types of heat insulation materials that can be used with PVC foam board.


❶ Aluminium film bubble without self-adhesive

This material has two sides of aluminium film, which is suitable for indoor use. Its standard width is 1400mm, standard weight is 280g/sm2. It can be attached to the PVC board with 3M tape.


❷ Aluminium film EVA foam with self-adhesive

This material has one side of aluminium film, the other side is adhesive. It is suitable for outdoor use. Its standard width is 1500mm, standard weight is 220g/sm2.


The following is the temperature test done by foreign customers in their factories.

With thermal insulation material, pvc foam board can also be a good thermal insulation building material.

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