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Boardway Building Material Co., Ltd

Boardway, established in 2006, stands as a leading manufacturer of extruded plastic sheets and profiles in China. We are dedicated to providing customers with the most suitable materials, customized processing, and comprehensive one-stop supporting services.

With production sites strategically located in Guangdong, Zhejiang, and Jiangsu, we focus on research and development, manufacturing, processing, and sales of a diverse range of products, including PVC foam boards, PVC trim boards, PVC mouldings, rigid PVC sheets, Acrylic sheets, lightweight PP sheets, solid PP sheets, and more.







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We are committed to manufacturing and supplying

top-quality plastic sheets and profiles

Boardway material is designed to explore and unlock a wide range of applications, dedicated to serving our customers with 100% engagement, and making their work more efficient.


The key to the world, symbolizing global reach The word 'Boardway' extends beyond the circle, signifying transcending boundaries Orange reflects our enthusiasm, always providing 100% engagement Green represents our commitment to the environment, ensuring that Boardway materials are safe and environmentally friendly
Boardway pvc foam board manufacturer

Social Responsibility

Commitment to the Environment

As pioneers in the plastics industry, Boardway has championed environmental protection since its inception, earning ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications. We actively support UNFCCC's carbon emissions commitment and, throughout our production processes, strive to reduce consumption, recycle materials and energy, and control gas and dust emissions.

Boardway supply environmental friendly products

Commitment to Employees

Boardway is dedicated to treating every employee with equality and respect. We foster open communication, providing a comfortable and safe work environment, along with training, development opportunities, fair salaries, and a profit-sharing plan. Our employee regulations exceed health and safety standards.

Boardway cares for our people

Commitment to Stakeholders

Boardway values its suppliers, contractors, customers, and partners as crucial contributors to society. We treat them with equality, respect, and honesty, aiming for long-term mutual development. Our commitment extends to delivering high-quality customer service, ensuring customer satisfaction, and playing a leading role in business field innovation and development.

Boardway cares for our customers

Commitment to Product Quality

Boardway prioritizes quality control across the entire supply chain, from raw material sourcing to finished products. Our commitment to the product is a promise to consumers. Every batch undergoes rigorous checks by well-trained production and quality control personnel to meet our high product quality standards before entering the warehouse or shipment.

Boardway supply high quality products

15 Years in Business

Feb, 2021

cutting porcelain slab

Boardway established a new subsidiary company, which is mainly engaged in the manufacturing, processing and sales of smart homes.

Sep, 2020

Boardway Vietnam factory moved to a new plant area of 30,000 square meters, with 12 production lines, double the production capacity.

Apr, 2020

The Canton Fair is held online, we communicated and interacted with foreign customers through live broadcast.

Mar, 2020

The COVID-19 epidemic nationwide was under control, we gradually resumed production and operations.

Dec, 2018

Affected by the increase in import tariffs, we transferred orders of PP corrugated sheets exported to the United States to Vietnam factories for production and export.

Aug, 2018

Obtained three patent certificates on PVC extruded profiles.

Jun, 2018

Boardway participated in the 3rd Guangdong Pacific Island Tour Exhibition in New Zealand.

Apr, 2018

Participated in the 123rd Canton Fair. (Received 200 USD cash sample fee from customer at the booth)

Dec, 2017

Our overseas annual sales exceed 5 million US Dollar. Shipments reached 136 containers.

Dec, 2017

Boardway set up a processing plant in Dongguan in order to meet customized processing needs.

Nov, 2017

Boardway Vietnam factory officially put into production operation.

Jan, 2017

Boardway attended IBS building material exhibition in USA.

Jul, 2016

Our new product polypropylene honeycomb board was available on the market.

Jun, 2016


registered successfully, which is mainly engaged in lightweight polypropylene sheets.

Apr, 2016

Added 5 production lines for PVC foam board and 2 production lines for PVC profile extrusions in Dongguan factory.

Dec, 2015

The total annual output of Boardway's three plants exceeds 15,000 metric tons.

Apr, 2015

Boardway established a production plant for PVC rigid sheet in Jiangsu.

May, 2014

Business trip to Australia, discuss products face-to-face with customers.

Mar, 2014

Our first container full of PVC foam board is loaded and ready for sea shipment.

Jan, 2014

Establish the brand of Boardway, build an export trade sales team, expand the business to the world.

Dec, 2013

Established ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified PVC WPC foam board production plant in Zhejiang.

Apr, 2006

The founder of Boardway set up its first plastic corrugated sheet factory in Dongguan, focusing on the domestic market.

Manufacturing, Wholesale, Custom Processing for Plastic PVC Sheets and Profiles

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