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As the versatility of plastic sheets continues to be explored, they have found a growing presence in the interior decoration industry. Commonly used plastic boards include PVC foam board, rigid PVC sheet, acrylic (popular for modern-style furniture), hollow PVC board, and more. PVC foam board and WPC foam board are often favored for replacing traditional wooden building materials. They are available in thicknesses ranging from 3mm to 30mm, with a standard width of 1220mm (4 feet) and customizable lengths. The weight of the board can be tailored to suit specific applications, making PVC foam board incredibly versatile. Moreover, these boards can be laminated with surface materials for enhanced aesthetics and functionality. Rigid PVC sheets, with a minimum thickness of less than 0.1mm, offer ultra-thin options not found in PVC foam boards. Transparent PVC sheets are ideal for applications requiring visibility, and acrylic stands as the top choice when greater transparency is essential.
pvc foam board for ceiling decoration

Decorative Building Boards

PVC foam boards are easily processed using common woodworking tools. In addition to traditional methods like cutting, engraving, drilling, screwing, grooving, and sanding, PVC foam boards can be creatively used for curved decorative designs. Boardway provides flame-retardant reinforced PVC foam boards that meet indoor building material fire safety standards, achieving ASTM-E84's Class A rating.

pvc foam board for wall panel

Interior Wall Panels

Laminated PVC foam boards (PVC decoration panels) serve as cost-effective interior wall paneling, combining aesthetics and affordability. Our range of surface materials includes PVC film, HPL, PETG film, aluminum film, and acrylic sheets. Different surface materials offer unique advantages, making it easy to choose based on decoration requirements, style, and budget. Boardway's PVC wall panels offer optional tongue and groove for easy installation and removal, making them a perfect choice for modular interior decorations in settings like rentals, apartments, offices, and public dormitories that require swift assembly.

pvc foam board for door skin

Door Skins

Rigid PVC sheets as door skins for interior doors are gaining popularity among Chinese consumers. PVC door skins offer key advantages over traditional painted doors, such as safety, odorlessness, and formaldehyde-free properties. Whether it's a lightweight door panel filled with paper honeycomb, aluminum honeycomb, or foamed PU, or a solid door panel filled with solid wood, PVC door skins are versatile. Boardway offers PVC door skins with wood grain and various embossing options.

pvc cabinets for automotive

Automotive Interior Applications

PVC foam boards and PVC decorative panels find versatile applications in various types of vehicles, including RVs, trailers, ambulances, and utility vehicles. These materials are commonly used to fabricate shelves, cabinets, and storage spaces within the interiors of such vehicles, offering lightweight, durable, and customizable solutions. Boardway's PVC foam boards and decorative panels provide excellent versatility and aesthetic appeal for enhancing the interior design of vehicles.

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