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PVC Embossed Board

PVC Embossed Board

PVC embossed board (PVC foam board) is a waterproof furniture board with embossed surface processed on the basis of PVC foam board through thermal pressing process.

PVC foam board has excellent properties of waterproof and mildew resistance, easy to clean and easy to process, we believe that it is the most suitable building material for bathroom decoration and bathroom furniture instead of particle board or MDF. That is why we developed PVC embossed board specially designed for bathroom vanity / bathroom cabinet.

Boardway manufactures PVC foam boards, and we have more than 200 designs and various sizes of PVC embossed boards, which can meet most of the sizes of bathroom cabinets on the market. You can also customize the mold to produce your own unique embossing design.

At Boardway, you will be able to purchase a complete set of bathroom vanity, including smooth PVC foam board applied to the interior and back panels, embossed PVC foam board applied to cabinet doors, drawers, batten, and other bathroom furniture part such as vanity legs, handles , knobs, hardware, etc.

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Waterproof Embossed PVC Foam Board For Bathroom Cabinet Vanity Board
MOQ: 100 sheet
Unit Price: US $ 8.5-9.1 / sheet
BOARDWAYā„¢ Embossed PVC foam board is a furniture board with permanent embossed on the surface used for bathroom vanity.
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Different designs of  PVC embossing board for kitchen cabinet door
Model: B - O CEL
Different embossed pvc board uniform and Fine cell structure, rigid and hard surface, abundent color choice.
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Embossing board, PVC Embossing board for cabinet
Model: B - O CEL
PVC Embossing board for constructionļ¼ŒAdvertisement and Various interlayers.
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Everything You Want to Know About PVC Embossed Board (PVC Foam Board)
PVC foam board is a lightweight, waterproof plastic building board that can be thermoformed and hot bent. It can be hot-pressed to create an embossed surface, ideal for bathroom vanity door panels. The advantage of flexible processing allows it to adapt to a wider range of applications.
PVC foam sheet, with an expanded closed-cell core, is mainly made of polyvinyl chloride and is one of the most widely used plastic sheets. It is light in weight, water-proof and mildew-proof, can be used in the humid environments. Discover the properties of PVC foam board in this blog.
PVC foam board is an ideal alternative to wood board, it has many advantages such as waterproof, flame retardant, printable, and easy to process. So, what processing methods are suitable for PVC foam sheet? What tools and machines can we use to process it? Check out this blog on how to process PVC foam board.
If you are considering using a new material to replace MDF or particle board to make cabinets, PVC foam board would be the ideal option. However, do you know what properties should be paid attention to when using PVC foam board as a cabinet? Click to learn more.

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