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Processing Capacity

Boardway has more than 15 years of experience in the manufacturing of extruded plastic sheets, which gives us the expertise in the processing of plastic products. Here we show you our processing services from three aspects: cutting and finishing, surface and edge treatment, printing. The cutting, finishing, laminating and edge sealing services of foamed pvc boards and wpc boards are mainly suitable for indoor and outdoor decoration and furniture. If you are a furniture wholesaler or a decoration company, we are very happy to provide you with OEM services including plastic sheets and processing. Boardway also specializes in the thermal processing of thermoplastic sheets, including vacuum forming, blow molding and injection molding. If you have any questions or needs, please feel free to contact us. We would love to hear from you!


    To meet the rectangular cutting needs of platsic sheets, we have sliding table saw for small quantities and low dimensional precision cutting orders and CNC sawing machine for large quantities, uniform size, and precise size cutting orders.

    *What Boardway Needs:Drawings with length and width, the acceptable dimensional tolerance.

    pvc foam board cut to size

    Sliding table saw

    pvc foam board cutting

    CNC sawing machine

    cutting pvc moulding

    Saw machine for PVC profile


    When the board needs to be processed in arc cutting, carving, holes drilling, surface or cross-section grooving, CNC engraving machine is the best option. Boardway processing center is equipped with three CNC engraving machines, the maximum operating size is 2000mm*3000mm. It can handle more complex cuts, and the cutting size is more accurate.

    *What Boardway Needs:Drawings, the format can be pdf, bmp, dxf, dwg, ai, eps.

    pvc foam board cnc routing

    Surface grooving

    pvc foam board cnc grooving

    Cross-section grooving

    pp honeycomb panel



    We chamfer and polish the edges and corners of the board to make them rounded and not sharp, that is, cut away the right-angled edge or corner of the board to make a symmetrical sloping edge.

    If the boards need to be spliced together for use, we are able to make grooved and tongued joint to achieve a seamless and smooth splicing effect on the surface. Or, in order to make two boards be adjacent to each other at 90°, a 45° beveling treatment is performed.

    These types of processing are usually applied to furniture panels and decoration panels.

    Straight Edge

    Straight Edge

    Double Round Edge

    Double Round

    Double Bevel Edge

    Double Bevel

    Crescent Edge


    Full Bullnose Edge

    Full Bullnose

    45° Bevelling Edge

    45° Bevelling

    Grooved and tongued

    Grooved and tongued joint

    Grooved and jointer

    Groove with jointer


    When PVC foam board, wood-plastic board (WPC foam board), rigid PVC sheet are used as the base material and surface materials need to be pasted, for example, stick inkjet adhesive to make advertising board, or laminate decorative film to make furniture board or wall panel, we need to sand the surface of the board to increase the friction of the surface and make the paste stronger.

    Grey PVC Foam Board

    grey pvc foam board

    Before sanding

    sanded pvc foam board

    After sanding

    WPC Foam Board

    wpc foam board

    Before sanding

    sanded wpc board

    After sanding


    When PVC foam board or WPC foam board is used as a substrate board for lamination, cold laminate is the suitable processing method, that is, PUR laminating. PUR adhesives have high water and temperature resistance, there is no chance to remelt, which makes PUR be used in various industrial fields.

    Boardway has a PUR laminate processing line. Commonly used surface materials include pvc film, HPL , aluminum foil, acrylic, etc. To ensure the surface material is more firmly attached and lasts longer, Boardway sands the board before lamination.

    laminated pvc board

    PUR laminate processing line

    pvc foam board laminated with aluminum

    Aluminum foil + grey PVC foam board

    wood grain pvc foam board

    PVC film + WPC foam board


    We provide edge banding services, including straight-line edge banding and contour edge banding.

    Edge banding can avoid direct exposure of the core layer of the board, which improves durability and prevents edge breakage by providing impact resistance. Aesthetically, edge banding covers up unsightly rough edges and creates a glossy finish that matches the surface and sides.

    pvc edge banding

    PVC edge band

    edge banding processing

    Straight-line edge band

    round corner edge banding

    Curved-line edge band


    Unlike digital printing, everything is set and processed by a computer. Silk screen printing is more like a purely manual skill. From color adjustment to printing layering, the quality of the printed product depends on the skills of the workers. The reflective effects, hazy effects, glossy and matte effects of the image can all be easily printed by our technicians.

    Apply to: image printing without multiple colors and no color gradients.

    Advantages: low cost, fast printing speed, good color fastness. The thickness and size of the board are not limited.

    Boardway printing plant

    Screen printing workshop

    silk screen printing

    Sign board printing

    logo printing

    Logo printing


    As a professional printing manufacturer, Boardway also provides digital printing services. The types of digital printing we provide are UV printing, CMYK offset printing, inkjet printing. Different printing equipment is suitable for different printing materials, we will provide the best solution according to your printing requirements.

    Apply to: image printing with multiple and complex colors, and color gradients.

    Advantages: The printing effect is closer to the image, and the MOQ is small.

    digital printing

    UV printing

    offset printing

    CMYK offset printing

Discover the Art of Customization with Our Tailored Processing Services

At Boardway, we specialize in bringing your unique ideas to life. Explore our extensive collection of custom projects and witness the possibilities firsthand. Browse through our customer showcase, featuring a diverse range of customized creations across various industries, including advertising, interior design, furniture manufacturing, and more. Immerse yourself in a visual journey of innovation and inspiration, where each project reflects the collaborative effort between our skilled team and visionary clients.

PVC foam board CNC routing

Customization Gallery

Click to explore our customer customization gallery and witness the transformative power of our bespoke solutions. Let these captivating examples ignite your imagination and pave the way for your next extraordinary project. Embark on a journey of limitless creativity with Boardway as your trusted customization partner.

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Our team will consult with you to understand your requirements and objectives, gathering necessary information for a customized solution.

Design and Concept Development


Based on the consultation, we'll create innovative design concepts aligned with your vision, using sketches, renderings, or 3D models.

Material Selection


Our experts will guide you in selecting suitable materials that meet your aesthetic and functional needs from our high-quality range.

Prototyping and Testing


We'll produce prototypes using advanced techniques, rigorously testing them to meet your specifications and standards.

Refinement and Approval


After reviewing prototypes, we'll work closely with you to refine the design until you're satisfied, then proceed to production.

Production and Manufacturing


Our skilled craftsmen and state-of-the-art facilities will transform the approved design into the final product with exceptional quality and precision.

Accessory Sourcing


We can help you procure necessary components or accessories that complement your customized foam boards.

Quality Assurance


We maintain rigorous quality control measures throughout the customization process, ensuring durability, performance, and adherence to your specifications.

Our solutions take use, performance, cost and marketing into consideration to find the best fit for your needs.

If you have an idea but you don't know what kind of material to use, which way to process it, please feel free to share your idea with us and we will provide you the best solution!  Email us at
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