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PVC Abalone Culturing Sheet

PVC Abalone Culturing Sheet

BOARDWAY™ pvc abalone culturing sheet is specially made for breeding baby abalone in Australian mariculture farms. The pvc material has anti-corrosion properties and can be used in marine aquaculture, long-term immersion in the seawater tanks material will not be corroded.  Our antibacterial reinforced pvc board can ensure a safe and healthy growth environment for baby abalone.

We supply abalone culturing sheet with and without holes. We also provide cut to size and cnc cutting services, and can make customized cutting and processing according to your drawings.

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Anti-bacterial Transparent Plastic PVC Sheet For Marine Culture Of Abalone Shellfish
BOARDWAY™ provides a transparent plastic PVC sheet specially used for abalone mariculture, which is antibacterial and healthy.
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High Transparency PVC Clear Sheet for Abalone Culturing
Model: B-N
PVC clear abalone culturing sheet is made of PVC clear sheet. It has two holes easy to be installed and fixed by PVC pipes.
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FDA food grade and good aging-resistance Aquaculture sheet
Model: B - N
pvc clear sheet with high transparency, high impact strength, Anti-UV and is an excellent material for abalone baby culturing
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