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Rigid Vinyl PVC Film

Rigid Vinyl PVC Film

BOARDWAY™ rigid vinyl pvc film is a transparent or colored rigid thin plastic sheet with a thickness ranges from 0.07mm to 1mm, which can be made into sheets or rolls as required. Compared with cardboard, the ultra-thin rigid vinyl pvc film is thinner and can be folded like paper materials. Packaging box folded with transparent pvc film, the product can be seen directly, which plays a good role in product display for consumer. In addition, pvc film sheet has the characteristics of waterproof and moistureproof, even if water droplets splash on the surface of the box, the water will not penetrate into the box, which can well protect the product.

Rigid pvc film is a thermoplastic with good dimensional stability and can be made into vacuum blister packaging through thermoforming process. The most common applications are shaped outer packing, special-shaped containers used to fix the product in the box. Therefore, plastic pvc packaging boxes are very suitable for packaging small commodities with high quality, such as cosmetic packaging, electronic product packaging, toy model packaging, daily necessities packaging, etc.

In addition to pvc film, we also provide pet film and pp film, these two common plastic films are also widely used for packaging purposes.

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Transparent Rigid Vinyl PVC Film Roll For Thermoforming Blow Molding Packaging Boxes
BOARDWAY™ provides transparent and colored rigid pvc in sheets and rolls for packaging box, printing sign, blister processing.
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