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Traditional concrete formwork mainly uses plywood as the construction formwork material. It can have a cost-effective price on the basis of basically reaching the building use. But it is undeniable that the outdoor environment (sun, rain and temperature changes) and the process of concrete solidification will definitely reduce the aesthetics of the concrete surface and shorten its service life due to the non-waterproof and corrosive properties of the plywood formwork.
To build high-quality buildings while reducing material consumption and construction costs, we highly recommend PVC concrete formwork. PVC formwork is mainly made of polyvinyl chloride, which has the inherent properties of waterproof and corrosion resistance. Secondly, the PVC concrete formwork manufactured by Boardway has the advantages of excellent high impact resistance and not easy to bend and deform. It is very easy to use and work, with common woodworking tools for sawing, nailing, cutting and drilling. What's more, PVC concrete formwork can be reused up to 30 times, thus reducing construction costs. The finished concrete surface is flat and smooth for an aesthetically pleasing finish.
pvc formwork panel

High-rise Building

Durability and high reuse rate make PVC concrete formwork ideal for the construction of high-rise buildings. When the construction progresses to the upper floor, the PVC formwork panel of the lower floor can be removed and moved to upper floor for reuse. The PVC concrete formwork is easy to demould, and almost no concrete remains on the formwork surface, ensuring the completeness of the concrete surface. The residual concrete on the PVC formwork can be washed away directly with water before reusing them.

pvc concrete formwork

Public Building

For public buildings that directly retain the concrete surface without any surface decoration (paint decoration or wall cladding decoration), it is suitable to use PVC concrete formwork for construction. The integrity of the building formwork itself also ensures the integrity of the concrete surface, and the PVC formwork is not easy to deform, crack or chip, which can minimize the repair work on the concrete surface of the construction workers.

pvc formwork for column

Pillar / Column

The strong functionality of PVC concrete formwork can meet various types of construction work, including curved construction. Whether it is a round column or a rounded square column, PVC concrete formwork can meet the requirements. In addition, the flat surface of the PVC formwork makes the joints tight, and it is not easy to leak concrete during the pouring process. Boardway offers hot bending services and can provide custom curved PVC formwork.

pvc formwork for overpass

Bridge / Overpass / Viaduct

Boardway has undertaken the construction of many large-scale viaduct projects in China. We provide PVC concrete formwork and construction technicians for on-site guidance. For foreign construction projects, we are also very happy to provide customers with all construction advice. If you have questions or needs, please feel free to contact us.

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