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Plastic Building Templates PVC Concrete Formwork Panel For Buildings Bridge Box Culvert

Plastic Building Templates PVC Concrete Formwork Panel For Buildings Bridge Box Culvert

Plastic Building Templates PVC Concrete Formwork Panel For Buildings Bridge Box Culvert
CategoriesPVC Concrete Formwork
BrandBoardway Plastic Sheet PVC Foam Board Manufacturer
MaterialPolyvinyl chloride, wood fiber
Custom specificationsLength, width, thickness, density
Processing servicesCut to size, cnc engraving, bending
Supporting servicesSourcing, construction technical guidance
Packing methodPE bag, carton, pallet
Transportation modeFCL/LCL by sea, air, road and rail
FOB portGuangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Ningbo port, China
Terms of PaymentL/C, D/P, Western Union, MoneyGram, T/T, Paypal, Trade Assurance
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Update TimeNovember 27,2022
Detail Information

PVC Concrete Formwork

PVC concrete formwork is an environmentally-friendly high-tech plastic composite formwork. It is mainly made of polyvinyl chloride, bamboo fiber or wood fiber, produced by extrusion foaming technology.

PVC formwork has great water resistance, heat resistance and dimensional stability, which can completely replace wooden formwork and avoid these shortcomings of wooden formwork. It is suitable for all parallel and vertical use, pillar, column, beam work, side wall, steps, elevator shaft, ladders of high-rise buildings, halls, bridges, viaducts, tunnels, etc.

As the number of reuses of PVC concrete formwork increases, the material cost decreases. Using PVC formwork can reduce the overall cost of a project by 3/5 to 1/2 compared to a project using wood formwork.

Product Details
According to different project quality requirements, we provide two types of PVC concrete formwork, they are common pvc concrete formwork and fair-faced concrete formwork. For projects that require high-standard fine finishes, the fair-faced pvc concrete formwork is strongly recommended. 
It has a more glossy surface, stronger toughness and rigidity. The surface of poured concrete can have a fair-faced and smooth finish, eliminating the cost of polishing and plastering.
Common PVC Concrete Formwork
Common PVC Concrete Formwork
Fair-faced PVC Concrete Formwork
Fair-faced PVC Concrete Formwork
We are able to provide curved pvc concrete formwork for bridge construction.
Concrete Formwork For Bridge
Concrete Formwork For Bridge
curved pvc concrete formwork for bridge
The Use And Loading Of Curved Formwork

Waterproof -does not swell, bend, or deform when exposed to water
Anti-corrosion -acid and alkali resistance, no corrosion
Weather resistance -can be used in cold, hot and humid environments
Nail-holding strength -tighten the screws without slipping
Good impact resistance -not easy to crack after being dropped or hit
Strong workability -can be easily sawed, drilled, nailed, planed by conventional tools
Cost efficiency -up to 30 times of repeated use, reducing engineering costs
Save labor and working hours -can be easily drilled, nailed, sawed, cut, planed, glued, sanded, painted
Good concrete surface -no mold release agent, no plastering
Fire performance -PVC formwork panel self-extinguishes away from the fire


PVC Formwork & Plywood

We made a practical use comparison between plywood formwork and PVC formwork on our construction site.

The picture shows the use of plywood formwork and PVC formwork in the same building and at the same area. 

Both formworks have been reused 6 times.

Formwork Performance
PVC Concrete Formwork
Plywood Formwork
70 - 75 Shore D
Less than 30 Shore D
Flat overall, slightly bent
The bending height is close to 2 cm
No damage on the surface, with small dent
The surface is damaged, especially near the edge
The corners are cracked, not right angles
Expansive Deformation
No expansion
Expand and separated layer
Service life
Can continue to be used
Out of use

The concrete surface after demounding of the two formworks. The quality of concrete using PVC concrete formwork is much better.
The following pictures show the comparison of the appearance of concrete surfaces. Left: PVC formwork. Right: plywood formwork.
pvc formwork vs plywood formwork
Concrete Appearance
PVC Concrete Formwork
Plywood Formwork
Concrete Color
The color of concrete can be uniform and beautiful without a mold release agent
A release agent must be used, otherwise the color of the concrete cannot be uniform
Overall clean and smooth
Rough with dirt and scratch, and uneven concrete
Tight joints, with only a little concrete overflow
There is excess concrete in the joints, need to be removed manually
Overall clean and smooth
Rough with dirt and scratch, and uneven concrete, especially at the junction
Overall clean and smooth
The concrete at the junction is uneven, with concrete overflow or insufficient


1830mm, 2440mm length can be customized


915mm, 1220mm


12mm, 15mm, 16mm, 18mm


0.65 - 0.75 g/cm3




Cut to size is available

Data Sheet
Testing sample: PVC concrete formwork, 18mm thick
Test Item
ASTM D2240
Shore D
Water Absorption
Flexural Strength
Flexural Modulus
Tensile Strength at Yield
Tensile Modulus
Elongation at Break
Modulus of Elasticity
ASTM C1548-2
Charpy Impact Resistance
ASTM D6110

Construction Sites
Apartment Buildings (aluminum support structure)
pvc formwork for buildings
pvc formwork for elevator
pvc concrete formwork
Apartment Buildings (wood support structure)
pvc concrete formwork
pvc concrete formwork for pillar
pvc formwork construction
Art Museum (using fair-faced pvc concrete formwork)
fair-faced pvc concrete formwork
pvc concrete formwork surface
fine concrete surface
Elevated Bridge
pvc formwork for bridge
arched pvc formwork for bridge
pvc construction formwork use
High-speed Railway Station
pvc concrete formwork contruction site
pvc concrete formwork for construction
pvc concrete formwork for wall

Options For Customers
For formwork wholesalers
We are able to provide PVC concrete formwork of different grades, different thicknesses and different dimensions. The size, thickness and density can be customized according to your requirements. We accept mixed specification shipments.
production of pvc formwork panel
15mm pvc formwork panel
hardness of pvc formwork panel
For builders
We are glad to provide cut-to-size formwork according to your needs, such as 300x2450mm, 400x1200mm, 250x1200mm, 300x600mm, etc., to save labor costs on the construction site. If you need to purchase other accessories in China, such as structural parts, fasteners, tools, etc., we have resource advantages and are willing to help you purchase and ship.
packing for pvc formwork panel
pvc formwork panel in 850mm wide
loading for pvc formwork panel
For developers & general contractors
We can provide you with a complete construction plans according to your drawings. Including the calculation of the total usage of the pvc concrete formwork required by your project, so as to calculate the optimal material cost and comprehensive use cost budget.
If you have contracted part of the concrete formwork project, or all of the concrete formwork project, Boardway construction team is very willing to visit your construction site to provide you with on-site construction technology.
Boardway construction team
pvc formwork construction site
visit pvc formwork construction site
Want to know what processing services Boardway provides?
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