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Rigid PVC Sheet

Rigid PVC Sheet

Rigid PVC sheet is ideal for a wide variety of internal and external applications. It is highly processable, can be easily machined, thermoformed, welded and printed. Boardway manufactures and wholesales rigid plastic PVC sheets. Our polyvinyl chloride (PVC) sheet series products include clear PVC sheet and colored clear PVC sheet, white PVC sheet, opaque colored PVC sheet and rigid PVC sheet roll.

The thickness of rigid PVC sheet ranges from 0.07mm to 30mm, maximum width is 1220mm. We provide 4x8 ft in standard and stock sizes, cut to size as required or we can produce custom size PVC sheets. Rigid PVC sheet less than 1mm thick can be packed into sheets or rolls as required. The rigid PVC sheet has multiple surface types, such as smooth, high gloss, matte and textured (wood grain texture).

For different functional uses of PVC sheets, we provide rigid PVC sheets with different properties.

Rigid PVC sheet | In grey and white for industrial and chemical engineering.

Rigid PVC sheet or PVC film rolls | In clear, white and coloured for advertising and printing, packaging and office supplies.

Rigid PVC sheet | With matt finish or wood grain finish for interior decoration, such as wall panels, door panels.

To learn more details about rigid PVC sheets, please click to view the products below. For any large project enquiries please feel free to contact us for a quick quote.

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Transparent Rigid PVC Sheet For Printing Signs Letters Advertising Industry
BOARDWAY™ provides high-quality transparent PVC sheets from 0.07 to 30mm, which can be used for printing, packaging, guard.
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Corrosion Resistant White Rigid PVC Sheet For Hospital Wall Panel Clean Room Equipment
MOQ: 200 sheet
Unit Price: US $ 8.8-9.1 / sheet
BOARDWAY™ provides white rigid pvc sheet, transparent pvc sheet, colored pvc sheet, thin sheets can be packed in sheet or roll.
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Opaque Colored PVC Sheet Transparent colored PVC board For Interior Decoration
BOARDWAY™ provides transparent, white color and other colors of rigid pvc sheets for sign, interior decoration, industrial use.
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Gray PVC Sheet White PVC Sheet For Chemical Uses Acid Bath Plating Tank
MOQ: 100 sheet
Unit Price: US $ 49-52 / sheet
BOARDWAY™ wholesale corrosion resistant grey PVC sheets for chemical applications such as electrolytic bath, acid tanks.
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Transparent Rigid Vinyl PVC Film Roll For Thermoforming Blow Molding Packaging Boxes
BOARDWAY™ provides transparent and colored rigid pvc in sheets and rolls for packaging box, printing sign, blister processing.
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White and Black Self-adhesive Rigid PVC Sheet for Photo Album
Model: A
Good Self Adhesive PVC Photo Album Sheet.
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Anti-bacterial Transparent Plastic PVC Sheet For Marine Culture Of Abalone Shellfish
BOARDWAY™ provides a transparent plastic PVC sheet specially used for abalone mariculture, which is antibacterial and healthy.
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PVC Rigid Sheet color series for decoration and industrial manufacture
Model: B - R EX
Excellent formability, Hign impact strength,Corrosion Resistence, PVC color rigid sheet
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High glossy water-proof PVC white rigid sheet for kitchen and ceiling
Model: B - R EX
white rigid PVC foam board, excellent material for printing and furniture producing
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High Transparency PVC Clear Sheet for Abalone Culturing
Model: B-N
PVC clear abalone culturing sheet is made of PVC clear sheet. It has two holes easy to be installed and fixed by PVC pipes.
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FDA food grade and good aging-resistance Aquaculture sheet
Model: B - N
pvc clear sheet with high transparency, high impact strength, Anti-UV and is an excellent material for abalone baby culturing
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PVC embossing sheet,  PVC embossing sheet for making door and cabinet
Model: B - R EX
Excellent formability, High impact strength,Corrosion Resistence PVC embossing sheet.
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fire-retardant waterproof Solid Rigid Colored PVC Sheets
Model: B - R EX
PVC Rigid Sheet color series ,excellent formability.
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PVC Rigid Sheet white series for decoration and industrial manufacture
Model: B - R EX
Excellent formability, Hign impact strength,Corrosion Resistance.
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PVC Transparent Sheet for Advertisment and manufacture Industry
Model: B-R EX
PVC Transparent Sheet of high tenacity, stability.
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