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When choosing materials for interior decoration and furniture, materials for kitchen and bathroom areas may need to be selected individually. This is because the kitchen and bathroom are the water areas in the house, which are the two most humid areas. Wood materials in humid areas may easily deformed and damp rot, while metal materials may rust. These factors will shorten the service life of furniture, not to mention ugly appearance. For us, we can say that PVC foam board and WPC foam board are the most perfect solutions for kitchen and bathroom, they can be used as kitchen cabinets, barbecue counters, bathroom cabinets, wall panels, door skins. PVC foam board has many advantages, such as lightweight, waterproof, mildew-proof, corrosion-resistant, fire-resistant, and UV-resistant (it can be increased for outdoor use). The surface finish of PVC foam board can be various, smooth, matt, wood grain, and you can also customize its surface texture and embossed design. We also offer laminated PVC foam boards, which come with decorative films or sheets on the surface for greater versatility and enhanced functionality. Click to learn moreLaminated PVC Foam Board
pvc foam board for kitchen cabinet

Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinets are perhaps the most common application of PVC foam board in the home furniture industry. Because the PVC foam board is non-absorbent and corrosion-resistant (no need to worry about the corrosion of the cleaning agent on the board), this makes it the first choice for making kitchen cabinets. The PVC foam board core is a cellular structure, which ensures that it can reduce its own weight while maintaining the strength of the board.

pvc foam board for bathroom cabinet

Bathroom Vanities

PVC foam board can be processed by hot pressing to get an embossed surface. Boardway embossed PVC board products can fit standard vanities with widths of 600mm, 800mm and 1000mm. It's easy to install, self-assembled, and affordable, making it ideal for small bathrooms or rental properties. We can also supply vanity boards in non-standard sizes according to your needs. The bathroom cabinet made of PVC foam board has the advantages of moisture resistance and mildew resistance, can be washed directly and adapted to various cleaning agents.

pvc foam board for BBQ cabinet

Outdoor BBQ Sets

PVC foam board and WPC foam board are also a very good choice for making outdoor furniture. Many of our customers from Europe and Australia choose PVC foam board as the backboard and internal partition of the barbecue set. For this application, we recommend customers to use fire-resistant and UV-resistant reinforced PVC foam board instead of common PVC foam board. The surface material of the BBQ set that is in direct contact with the environment is best to use stone with stronger weather resistance, such as porcetain, natural marble, and cement board.

Recommended Products
For kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets, as well as furniture and decoration in indoor wet areas, Boardway first recommends PVC foam board, WPC foam board and laminated decorative panels that use them as substrates.
If you have an idea but you don't know what kind of material to use, which way to process it, please feel free to share your idea with us and we will provide you the best solution!  Email us at
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