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Since 2014, Boardway's export trade sales team has made annual visits to both new and longstanding customers worldwide. Our commitment to face-to-face communication reflects our belief in building genuine connections, treating each customer as a valued friend. This direct interaction allows us to better understand their product requirements, fostering trust and enabling us to enhance product quality in alignment with our customers' evolving needs.
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May 2014


Here we come - the Sydney Opera House, story starts from here.

Visited our customer in Sydney. Discussed the uses ofpvc foam boardon cabinets, signs and construction.

clear pvc sheet for fish farming

Flew over to Tasmania. Ryder showed us the shellfish farm, and he hopes to buyclear pvc sheetfrom us instead of locally.

In the oldest city in Australia --- Melboure, we had a very pleasant meeting with the clients.

That day, we were very happy to meet our old friend Charles. He looks so energetic!

PP corrugated sheet used as bottle pad

In Adelaide, we visit the largest repository of soft drink bottles. We discussed about usingpp corflute sheetto hold the bottle instead of MDF.

New Zealand

May 2018

Participated in the 3rd Pacific Island Tour Exhibition organized by the Guangdong Commerce Department.

We introduced PVC foam board and decorative board to local importers.

Visit the beautiful alpaca farm in New Zealand. Say HELLO to the lovely alpacas!


June 2018

After 4 years, we came to Australia again. Glad to see our old friend again.

full of plastic sheets

We visited the largest plastic sheet distributor company in Sydney. His warehouse is full of Boardway pvc foam boards!

product discussion

The product manager showed us how they inspected the boards and the tolerance requirements for the product size after processing.

HDPE tank for fish farming

On Kangaroo Island, we visited the customer's aquaculture farm, where Boardway productstransparent rigid pvc sheetand HDPE sheet are used.

Boardway maintains consistently good quality, has won the trust of Australian customers, and has established a very good cooperative relationship.

In the customer's store, we saw howexpanded pvc foamis used in kitchen cabinets, barbecue cabinets and RV cabinets.

North America

United States

January 2017

Visited local building materials supermarkets to learn about the application and demand of plastic sheets in building materials.

changable sign board

Visied customer in Miami, this company specializes inadvertising sign boards. This product is very popular on Amazon.

IBS building material exhibition

Attend IBS building material exhibition in Orlando.

United States

February 2018

Bring our blessing of Chinese Lunar New Year to American customers.

At the customer's factory in Michigan, we discussed and tested the cold resistance and impact toughness ofPP corrugated sheet.

pp corrugated sheet

In the customer's factory, we saw reusable packaging made of Boardway pp corrugated board.

plastic packaging box

Discuss with Charlie about the processing technology of usingPP honeycomb panelsto make packaging boxes of electronic products.

Enjoy the morning scenery and share Chinese food at the Charlie's home in Tucson.

Lily was trying out the taste of snow.

United States

February 2020

We are here again at the International Building Materials Exhibition (IBS), which is held in Las Vegas this year.

pp corrugated for building

We visited a customer for underground pipeline isolation systems, and discussed the compressive strength of structural panels.

So happy to meet our old friend Allan again. He showed us thePVC free foam boardpurchased locally. He hopes that we can provide him with such products.

A pleasant meeting with clients!

white pvc sheet

Taking into account the shortcomings of poor water resistance of MDF, customer consider usingwhite rigid PVC panelsas temporary modular wall panels.

pp fluted sheet

We saw our products, PP corrugated board and PP honeycomb board in our customer's warehouse.



October 2015

In the most glorious empire ever - Spain, we enjoyed breakfast with all the employees of the client company.

Toledo - the famous historical city in Europe.

The capital of Portugal - Lisbon, a city with exotic charm. We came across a vintage car parade.



January 2015

We are here! The country we called the kingdom of thousand buddhas, Thailand.

We visited the customer's fruit and vegetable farms. It turns out that pvc foam board is used as a support frame for seed growth!

Visited the construction site where ourPVC concrete formworkis used.

We had a wonderful dinner with the whole family of our customer.

Visited customer's warehouse, full of BoardwayPVC foam sheets, with different thicknesses.

The QC staff was inspecting the PVC foam sheet that has just been shipped to the warehouse.


April 2016

Once again to Thailand, a peaceful and friendly country. Met Alex and settled a new project in his office.

Alex showed us the processing workshop. The workers were sawing the PVC foam board.

Alex took us to a seaside restaurant to taste delicious Thai dishes. We ate mango rice, tom yum goong, curry crab.

We brought samples ofrigid PVC sheetsto our customers to discuss the practical application of the products.

One of the largest plastic board wholesalers in Bangkok also buysPP corrugated sheetsfrom Boardway!

Warehouse cargo management, real-time control, in perfect order!


November 2016

Visit the customer's auto parts processing plant. Our leather textureTPO sheetis thermally processed into a car floor mat.

OurABS sheethas been thermoformed into a car front bumper.

The worker is trimming the bumper. The next step is to paint.

Boardway engineer is teaching customer how to run the CNC machine.

Relaxation and entertainment for workers --- playing basketball!


March 2017

Discuss products while having lunch. They are all hard-working people!

We visited the customer's construction site in Ho Chi Minh to learn about the use of ourPVC formwork panel.

Customers buy 4×8ft size from us, and then they cut the formwork into small sizes for use.

We visited the customer's luggage processing plant, which has 8 processing lines, more than 200 workers.

We were showingPVC wall tiles and PVC ceiling tilesto customers.


November 2017

Tessa, who we contacted by email every day, finally met for the first time!

The client operates a furniture processing factory, the materials they use are MDF andPVC foam board.

Participated in the APPP EXPO Thailand exhibition.


May 2019

Happy workers during a break in our Vietnam factory.

Meeting customers in their factory, PVC foam board and PP corrugated sheet are used as bag linings.

HDPE trays andABStrays are used as a support base for large tool bags for carrying long and heavy goods.

South America



The journey continues. We will be there soon! : )




The journey continues. We will be there soon! : )

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