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Expanded PVC Foam

Expanded PVC Foam

Expanded PVC foam (PVC foam board) is designated as a multi-functional lightweight plastic sheet in our PVC foam board series products. It has a thickness from 3mm to 30mm can be customized production. The common width is 1220mm, and the length is unlimited. Flexible specifications make your creative design and application unfettered. The size of our regular production and stock PVC foam board is 4x8 feet (48x96 inches).

Expanded PVC foam has superior properties such as closed cell structure, waterproof, mildewproof, resistant to wood-destroying insects (termites, beetles, wood borers), corrosion-resistant, fire performance can meet ASTM E84 Class A, etc. These properties make expanded PVC foam stand out from traditional wood materials, and are favored by more and more people. In addition to the standard smooth surface, PVC foam board can be produced with wood grain finish, matt finish, and other customized texture finish. Give it a touch and look like real natural wood.

Expanded PVC foam board can be used indoors and outdoors, such as wall panel, kitchen cabinet sets, barbecue sets, bathroom, door, home furniture, school furniture series, office partition walls, openwork panels, outdoor furnitures, module hoarding, prototypes, ship furniture, etc. It can be worked with conventional woodworking tools for sawing, cnc routing, drilling, nail and other processing.

There are many PVC foam board manufacturers in China, and we can proudly say that Boardway is your most satisfied PVC foam board supplier. The consistent high quality of our products, 24/7 customer service, and over 15 years of manufacturing experience have made us a stable supplier to PVC foam board dealers in the United States and Canada.

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Expanded PVC Foam Board For Kitchen Cabinet  Interior Decoration
BOARDWAY™ Expanded PVC foam board has high waterproof performance and is the best building materials for kitchen cabinets.
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White PVC Foam Board PVC Celuka Board for Furniture, Building and Decoration
Model: B - O CEL
PVC foam board is used for cabinet, furniture, decoration material with uniform closed-cell core, rigid and hard surface.
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Everything You Want to Know About Expanded PVC Foam (PVC Foam Board)
This blog briefly describes the manufacturing process and technic of PVC foam board in Boardway factory, helping readers understand how PVC foam board is produced and how it expands into foam board.
In this blog, we share the testing methods of expanded PVC foam board, how our workers test the PVC foam board during the production. The testing items including appearance, dimensional and performance.
Expanded PVC sheet, with an expanded closed-cell core, is mainly made of polyvinyl chloride and is one of the most widely used plastic sheets. It is light in weight, water-proof and mildew-proof, can be used in the humid environments. Discover the properties of PVC foam board in this blog.
There are 3 types of PVC foam board: pvc celuka board, pvc free foam board and pvc co-extruded board. They differ in manufacturing technique, appearance, performance, specification and price. However, when we need to choose among these three types of PVC foam boards, we can make a choice according to the usage.
As an artificial plastic sheet, expanded PVC board has common specifications for it common uses, such as building board, furniture board and advertising sign board. The PVC foam board 4x8 we often talk about means that its size is 4x8 feet. Click to read more about the width, length and thickness of PVC foam board.
In addition to white, the expanded PVC board can also be produced in color, the colors we often produce are black, gray and brown for furniture use, red, yellow, blue and green for advertising. The color of PVC foam sheets can be customized.
Expanded PVC foam board is an ideal alternative to wood board, it has many advantages such as waterproof, flame retardant, printable, and easy to process. So, what processing methods are suitable for PVC foam sheet? What tools and machines can we use to process it? Check out this blog on how to process PVC foam board.

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