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Wholesale Plastic PVC Sheet PVC Foam Board

PVC Foam Board

Elevate your projects with PVC Foam Board excellence. Our PVC foam boards offer unmatched versatility and performance for various applications. Whether you're seeking advertising solutions, interior enhancements, furniture manufacturing, construction materials, or transportation industry, our premium PVC foam boards deliver exceptional durability, flexibility, and aesthetic appeal. Discover our comprehensive range of PVC foam boards, including PVC sign board, expanded PVC foam, co-extruded PVC foam, PVC embossed board and PVC foam board laminate, and more. Explore our extensive selection of sizes, colors, and surface finishes, tailored to suit your unique requirements.

Rigid PVC Sheet

Rigid PVC sheet is a solid PVC in the form of sheeting, which is an ideal plastic sheet that can be used in a wide variety of interior and exterior applications. It is highly processable, can be easily machined, thermoformed, bent, welded and printed. In addition to expanded PVC (PVC foam board), Boardway also manufactures and wholesales solid PVC board. Our solid PVC sheet series products include PVC transparent sheet and colored clear PVC sheet, white PVC sheet, opaque colored PVC sheet and rigid PVC film roll. The thickness of rigid PVC sheet ranges from 0.07mm to 30mm, maximum width is 1220mm. We provide 4x8 ft in standard and stock sizes, cut to size as required or we can produce custom size PVC sheets. Rigid PVC sheet less than 1mm thick can be packed into sheets or rolls as required. The rigid PVC sheet has multiple surface types, such as smooth, high gloss, matte and textured (wood grain texture).

WPC Foam Board

Enhance your projects with the natural beauty and durability of WPC foam board (Wood Plastic Composite Board). Our high-quality boards combine the resilience of PVC foam with the aesthetics of wood, offering a versatile solution for construction, interior decor, and furniture manufacturing. Discover the benefits of moisture resistance, dimensional stability, and low maintenance. Contact us for reliable, sustainable, and customizable WPC foam boards.

Acrylic Sheet

Discover the Versatility of Acrylic Sheets - PMMA, Plexiglass Sheet, Perspex Sheet, and Organic Glass. Boardway offers a wide selection of premium acrylic sheets renowned for their exceptional transparency, weather resistance, chemical stability, easy coloring, and beautiful appearance. With over 15 years of industry experience, we are a trusted manufacturer, ensuring top-quality materials and utilizing advanced technology for precise and consistent results. From advertising displays and signs to handicrafts, furniture, and sanitary facilities, our acrylic sheets cater to diverse applications, providing endless possibilities for your projects.

PVC Profile Extrusion

As a professional manufacturer of expanded pvc foam board and rigid pvc sheet, Boardway also produces pvc profile extrusion. We provide expanded cellular pvc profiles, which are mainly used for trimming and decoration of houses indoors and outdoors, and rigid hollow pvc profiles, which are used as pvc slats installed on metal fences.

Cellular pvc trim boards and moulding are working similar to wood, but better than wood. Due to its superior properties such as water resistance, mildew resistance and wood-eating insect resistance make pvc trim moulding more durable and cost-efficient.

Lightweight Polypropylene Sheet

Boardway supplies solid pp sheet and lightweight pp sheet. Our lightweight polypropylene board series include pp corrugated sheet, pp honeycomb board and pp bubble board. Lightweight polypropylene board has a broad range of applications, such as yard sign board, notice board, outdoor promotional signs, traffic signs, display stands for advertising industry, packaging boxes, layer pads, totes, bins, box divider, pallet container for packaging and logistics industry, temporary floor protection guard for construction industry, and van interior liners, automotive trunk mats for vehicle industry.

PVC Concrete Formwork

PVC concrete formwork is an environmentally friendly wood and plastic (PVC) composite formwork for concrete construction. It is mainly made of polyvinyl chloride, bamboo fiber or wood fiber, produced by extrusion foaming technology. As a plastic formwork for concrete, PVC formwork has the advantages of light-weight, excellent water resistance, high impact resistance, corrosion resistance, heat resistance and dimensional stability. These properties of PVC formwork makes it more durable, and not easy to deform or bend, crack or break after repeated use. High-quality PVC formwork can bring a good concrete surface and improve the quality of the building. What's more, it can be used up to 30 times, thereby reducing the construction cost of the project.

Solid Polypropylene Sheet

Polypropylene (PP) sheet is a common non-toxic and odorless plastic sheet with multi-purpose. Boardway provides ultra-thin pp film with thickness ranging from 0.15mm to 2mm, as well as standard pp sheet and ultra-thick pp sheet with thickness ranging from 3mm to 150mm. PP film is flexible and printable, it is mainly applied for stationery, office supplies, small packing boxes and bags. Thicker pp board has high impact strength, wear resistance, good chemical stability, and a wide range of temperature stability from -20℃ to 120℃, allowing them to be widely used in electroplating industry, chemical industry, aquaculture industry and food applications.

Other Plastic Products

Boardway provides customized processing services for all plastic sheets. We have specialized processing workshops and professional equipment, from cutting to size, cnc cutting, pre-drilling, to die-cutting and printing (silk screen printing and uv printing), sanding and pur laminating, we can provide not only semi-finished products, but also customized finished products according to customer requirements. Boardway also wholesales thermoplastics, such as hdpe sheet, abs sheet, tpo sheet. Not only that, we also provide thermoforming processing services, including vacuum forming, blow molding, and injection molding.

  • Clear PVC sheets used for outdoor letter
    Clear PVC Sheets combine excellent mechanical properties and impact strength, water-clear clarity, excellent resistance to chemicals and fire resistance. With the above excellent properties and printable make Clear PVC Sheets extremely popular for outdoor letter usage.
    Oct 25,2021
  • Pros and Cons of PVC Cabinets
    PVC foam board is the best material for making kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets. PVC foam board is a kind of uniform foamed, rigid lightweight PVC plastic board. Compared with traditional materials, such as MDF and plywood, the outstanding performance of PVC foam board is waterproof, mildew proof and mothproof. PVC cabinets have an elegant appearance, are easy to maintain, and have a longer service life.
    Mar 29,2021
  • What packing methods do we provide?
    Boardway has many years of experience in the production and export of plastic boards, which can settle various packaging issues and avoid damage to goods due to incorrect packaging during transportation.
    Oct 25,2021
  • What are the loading methods for the goods?
    After years of manufacturing and exporting, Boardway has a wealth of experience in loading plastic sheets, which not only saves container space, but also avoids damage to the goods due to incorrect stacking of goods during transportation.
    Oct 25,2021
  • How to cut pvc foam sheet? CNC or laser cutting?
    PVC foam sheet normally come with 1220*2440mm (4*8 feet), most cutomer need to cut it into smaller size, if the do not need accute size, can use a carpenter's saw, which can control the tolerance in 5mm. but some project required PVC foam board with higher accurace after cutting, for examples ±0.5mm, ±1mm, what kind of machine to use? CNC or laser cutting?
    Nov 26,2021
  • Silk Screen Printing Q&As
    There are many plastic sheets suitable for silk screen printing. Boardway offers a wide range of plastic sheets and custom silk screen printing services. Silk screen printed products are waterproof, can be used outdoors, and can be printed with translucent patterns. We can also cover the printed product with a protective film to avoid being scratched or dirty.
    Apr 25,2022

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