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At Boardway, we introduce a comprehensive range of PVC trim and moulding solutions designed to enhance the aesthetics and durability of your interior and exterior spaces. Our meticulously crafted products offer unmatched performance, combining the timeless charm of traditional wood with modern materials that defy the elements. Discover how our versatile trim and mouldings can transform your spaces while requiring minimal maintenance, ensuring they remain pristine over time. When compared to other similar products, our PVC trim board stands out with two finish options - smooth and wood grain. Additionally, our sealed-edge PVC trim board is dust-resistant and easy to clean, offering superior convenience and hygiene. Transform your spaces with the timeless charm and durable performance of our PVC trim and moulding solutions.
PVC Trim & Mouldings
Interior Trim & Mouldings

Interior Trim & Mouldings

Our interior trim and mouldings collection redefines the beauty of your indoor spaces. Crafted from high-quality foamed PVC materials, our trim and mouldings offer exceptional moisture resistance, durability, and termite protection. From baseboards to crown mouldings and everything in between, these pieces effortlessly enhance the aesthetics of your interiors. The precision of our designs allows you to add decorative elements with clean lines and lasting charm.

Exterior Trim & Mouldings

Exterior Trim & Mouldings

Outdoor decoration requires materials that can withstand diverse weather conditions. Our robust PVC trim and mouldings are capable of resisting sunlight, rain, and temperature fluctuations, making them an ideal choice for exterior decor. From door and window frames to railings and columns, Boardway offers a variety of sizes and styles to enhance the appeal of your buildings.

Custom Mouldings

Custom Mouldings

When standard trim and moulding profiles don't meet your unique design vision, our custom mouldings step in. We offer endless possibilities with personalized PVC mouldings that align perfectly with your project needs. Choose from a variety of profiles and sizes to create the perfect finishing touch for your spaces. These tailored solutions allow you to bring your design vision to life while ensuring the lasting charm and performance our products are known for.

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Boardway offers a wide selection of high-quality PVC trim boards and mouldings designed to enhance the elegance and longevity of your interior and exterior spaces.


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