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PVC Foam Board

PVC Foam Board

PVC foam board (PVC foamboard) is a rigid PVC foam sheet with a closed-cell foam core structure. It is also often called foamed PVC sheet, expanded PVC board, foamex board.

Boardway manufactures and wholesales PVC foam board. Our PVC foam board series products include PVC sign board with a matt finish (also called PVC free foam board), multifunctional expanded PVC sheet with standard smooth finish or textured finish (also known as PVC celuka foam board or PVC cabinet board), co-extruded PVC foam with a harder glossy surface, PVC embossed board designed for bathroom vanity, and PVC foam board laminates.

PVC foam board is waterproof, mildewproof and corrosion-resistant, which makes it very suitable for use in humid environments. These are the unique advantages that wooden panels do not have. The most popular uses of PVC foam board are kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets. At the same time, it is printable and easy to cut, making it an ideal material in the advertising industry.
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We supply high density and low density PVC foam board, the density we can produce ranging from 0.4 to 0.9 g/cm3. The colors of conventional colored PVC foam board are white, gray, black, brown, yellow and red. We stock white and black PVC foam board 4x8 ft year round. The size, thickness, density and color of PVC foam board can be customized, cut to size and custom processing services are available.

We can proudly say that Boardway is your most satisfied PVC foam board supplier among many PVC foam board manufacturers in China (China PVC foam). Over 15 years of manufacturing experience, consistent high quality of products, and 24/7 customer service with our 100% engagement have made us a stable supplier to PVC foam board wholesalers in the North America.

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Lightweight Rigid Foam Core PVC Sign Board For Printing Advertising Sign Boards
BOARDWAY™ PVC sign board is a matt pvc foam board 1mm - 25mm thick suitable for printing purposes in the advertising industry.
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Expanded PVC Foam Board For Kitchen Cabinet  Interior Decoration
BOARDWAY™ Expanded PVC foam board has high waterproof performance and is the best building materials for kitchen cabinets.
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Rigid Co-extruded PVC Foam Board For Furniture Kitchen Cabinet Vehicle Cabinet
MOQ: 200 sheet
Unit Price: US $ 8.8-9.1 / sheet
BOARDWAY™ Co-extruded PVC foam board has a smooth surface that can be used as furniture board directly without painting.
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PVC Foam Board Laminate Wood Grain PVC Board For Furniture Decoration
BOARDWAY™ PVC foam board laminates are available in a variety of styles, making them ideal for furniture and decorative panels.
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Waterproof Embossed PVC Foam Board For Bathroom Cabinet Vanity Board
MOQ: 100 sheet
Unit Price: US $ 8.5-9.1 / sheet
BOARDWAY™ Embossed PVC foam board is a furniture board with permanent embossed on the surface used for bathroom vanity.
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Super Rigidity Board, PVC Co-extruded foam sheet for funiture industy
Model: B - O CO
Super Rigidity Board is a new type of environmental protective plastic materials which instead of woods and steels.
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High glossy Super Rigidity Board,  PVC Co-extruded foam board for ambulance cabinet
Model: B - O CO
Super Rigidity Board, is a new product develop on Celuka foam sheet, the surface is much harder than celuka faom sheet
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Different designs of  PVC embossing board for kitchen cabinet door
Model: B - O CEL
Different embossed pvc board uniform and Fine cell structure, rigid and hard surface, abundent color choice.
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Embossing board, PVC Embossing board for cabinet
Model: B - O CEL
PVC Embossing board for construction,Advertisement and Various interlayers.
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Colorful PVC Foam Board as Sign Board for Advertisement Industry
Model: B - O F
Matt and rigid finish, abundent color choice PVC foam board with Uniform and Fine cell structure as sign board
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White PVC Foam Board PVC Celuka Board for Furniture, Building and Decoration
Model: B - O CEL
PVC foam board is used for cabinet, furniture, decoration material with uniform closed-cell core, rigid and hard surface.
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Everything You Want to Know About PVC Foam Board
This blog briefly describes the manufacturing process and technic of PVC foam board in Boardway factory, helping readers understand how PVC foam board is produced and how it expands into foam board.
PVC foam board, also called expanded PVC sheet. It has five types, including PVC free foam board, PVC celuka board, PVC co-extruded board, WPC foam board and laminated PVC board.
PVC foam sheet, with an expanded closed-cell core, is mainly made of polyvinyl chloride and is one of the most widely used plastic sheets. It is light in weight, water-proof and mildew-proof, can be used in the humid environments. Discover the properties of PVC foam board in this blog.
Different types of PVC foam board, and different densities, properties, packaging, how do I choose the best material for my application? Learn how to buy PVC sheet and tell suppliers about your needs.
PVC foam board is always compared with MDF and other wood boards. What are the advantages of PVC foam board? Why choose PVC foam board instead of artificial wood board? Is it worth paying the higher price for it? You will find the answer in this blog.
As an artificial plastic sheet, PVC foam board has common specifications for it common uses, such as building board, furniture board and advertising sign board. The PVC foam board 4x8 we often talk about means that its size is 4x8 feet. Click to read more about the width, length and thickness of PVC foam board.
In addition to white, PVC foam board can also be produced in color, the colors we often produce are black, gray and brown for furniture use, red, yellow, blue and green for advertising. The color of PVC foam sheets can be customized.
PVC foam board is an ideal alternative to wood board, it has many advantages such as waterproof, flame retardant, printable, and easy to process. So, what processing methods are suitable for PVC foam sheet? What tools and machines can we use to process it? Check out this blog on how to process PVC foam board.
I want to buy PVC foam board from China. But Chinese suppliers always tell me that there is a minimum order quantity for PVC foam board. Why is there a MOQ? What should I do if I buy a small quantity? Check this blog and you will find out.
PVC board is widely used in various industries because of its excellent performance. We can always see it in advertising, furniture, decoration. So is it recyclable? How do we recycle and reuse it?

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