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Display signs can be seen everywhere in life, most of them are made of plastic sheets. Plastic sheets perform better than metal sheets in terms of weight, price, water resistance, and corrosion resistance, making them the most widely used advertising material. Boardway provides large-sized plastic boards for printing and signs, such as PVC foam board and PP corrugated sheet. They have the advantages of being lightweight and cost-effective, and are suitable for indoor and outdoor signboards that are not long-term display. In addition, we also provide solid plastic sheets, including PVC sheet, PP sheet, acrylic, ABS sheet. Acrylic and ABS sheets, with a variety of colors, high color saturation, easy to thermoform, and are the best materials for making 3D modeling displays. In addition to providing advertising plastic sheets, Boardway also provides customized processing services such as CNC engraving, laser cutting, die cutting, silk screen printing, digital printing, offset printing, gluing, etc.
pp corrugated sheet for road sign board

Shop/restaurant/supermarket signs, road signs, yard sign boards

Such signs generally display promotions, recommendations, sales or rental information, and these information have a common feature that they are time-sensitive. Display signs are usually replaced with new ones after six months or one year of use. Metal billboards can be expensive and difficult to install. Then there is the need for an advertising material that is affordable, easy to print and replace. The optional materials we recommend are PVC foam board and PP corrugated sheet.

pvc foam board for letter engraving

Letters/logo engraving, pattern carving

For advertising displays with embossed design, openwork design or letter design, PVC foam board may be the best material choice. PVC foam board is an expanded rigid plastic board with uniform cells, which can be produced in color as required. Its common thickness range is 3mm-30mm, when extra thick boards are needed, the thickness can be increased by laminating the foam boards. Our PVC foam board has good flatness, fine surface and cellular core, it can be easily processed and shaped by CNC engraving machine.

pp corrugated sheet for yard sign

Changeable sign letters: Letters, Symbols, and Numbers

It provides the perfect solution for display signs with flexible messages. Usually letter signs come in two styles, double-sided printed on white PVC sheet and single-sided printed on transparent PVC sheet. Boardway can provide you with rigid PVC sheet material, or OEM changeable sign letters. We use UV-resistant printing ink and PVC material to extend the service life of the product outdoors.

ABS advertising board

3D modeling/logo displays

There are various types of advertising displays, among which 3D display is a very common type. Boardway can provide customers with ABS boards for cutting and thermoforming, acrylic sheets, and customized processing services of vacuum forming, laser cutting and printing.

Boardway Plastic Sheets & Profiles
Boardway provides professional solutions for customers in the advertising and printing industries, including PVC foam board, PP corrugated sheet, rigid PVC/PP/ABS sheet, acrylic sheet, as well as custom processing services.
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