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At Boardway, we take pride in being a leading manufacturer of extruded plastic products. Our commitment to providing high-quality materials tailored to your specific needs is unwavering. With a versatile range of offerings, our materials, including expanded PVC foam boards, PVC profile extrusions, rigid PVC sheets, lightweight hollow polypropylene boards, and rigid solid polypropylene boards, are suitable for a wide array of industries and applications.

Not only do we supply a diverse range of plastic sheets and profiles, but we also offer custom processing services, making it even more convenient for our customers. Our expertise extends to processing plastic building materials, encompassing cutting, engraving, drilling, grooving, edge banding, sanding, and laminating. Additionally, we excel in processing plastic advertising consumables and plastic transportation packaging, including services like printing, die-cutting, butt welding, and creasing. We even provide thermal processing services, such as vacuum forming, blow molding, and injection molding.

With Boardway, you can count on a vast selection of plastics and tailored production and processing to perfectly match your requirements.

PVC foam board digital printing
PP corrugated sheet for traffic sign
pvc foam board for outdoor sign
PP corrugated sheet for road sign

  • Boardway plastic sheets are the preferred choice in the printing and sign industry. These lightweight, printable, waterproof materials are easy to handle and cost-effective. They are well-suited for both indoor and outdoor advertising, making them perfect for various short-term promotions. Applications include store POP signs, house-for-sale signs, traffic signs, warning signs, display stands, restaurant menu boards, price tags, cartoon model signs, engraved letters, exhibition banners, and more.

    PVC kitchen cabinet
    PVC vanity cabinet
    PVC foam board cabinetry
    pvc bathroom vanity


    Our expanded PVC foam board and WPC foam board, primarily composed of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), offer exceptional properties for kitchen and bathroom applications. They exhibit minimal water absorption, exceptional resistance to humidity, mold, termites, and chemicals, making them the perfect choice for these spaces. PVC / WPC foam boards can be easily painted and laminated with decorative film, providing a wood-like appearance and functionality, but with enhanced durability and easier maintenance.

    PVC foam board for ceiling decoration
    PVC foam board for display shelving
    Thick PVC foam board doors
    PVC foam board for interior decoration
    PVC foam board for automotive interior


    Boardway plastic boards offer exceptional processability, easy installation, assembly, and remarkable flexibility. They can take on various shapes and combinations, enhancing the aesthetics of interior decoration. Whether it's ceiling and wall embellishments or applications in doors, cupboards, wardrobes, wine cabinets, and other furniture, we take pride in our ability to provide the ideal materials for your interior design needs.

    PVC foam board for carved partition walls
    PVC sheet for temporary enclosures
    PVC foam board for temporary enclosures
    pvc sheet for exhibition booths


    We firmly believe that PVC board, with its flat, lightweight, waterproof, corrosion-resistant, flexible, and durable properties, is an ideal material for partitions, screen panels, room dividers, and temporary enclosures, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The combination of PVC boards and aluminum frames is well-suited for temporary applications such as exhibition booths, promotional display sets, hoardings, shield walls, mobile offices, and mobile hospitals.

    pvc trimboard for wall
    pvc fence panel
    pvc moulding for window column
    pvc moulding for interior finishing


    We offer a range of expanded foamed PVC extrusions and rigid PVC extrusions, both of which are highly recommended for interior and exterior house decoration and finishing. Our PVC trim and mouldings are known for their resistance to water, mildew, and termites. Moreover, they are exceptionally durable, easy to clean, and require minimal maintenance. When used outdoors for PVC trim, PVC mouldings, and PVC fence slats, there's no need for painting or extensive maintenance. The installation and assembly processes are straightforward, helping to save costs.

    PVC formwork for concrete construction
    Plastic PVC formwork
    PVC formwork
    PVC formwork for columns walls


    With years of experience as builders and contractors for high-rise buildings, museums, bridges, and viaducts, we have developed reinforced PVC formwork designed specifically for concrete. This innovative solution addresses the limitations of traditional wooden formwork, which often suffers from issues like water absorption, expansion, deformation, surface and corner cracking, lack of durability, poor concrete surface quality, and limited reuse opportunities.

    PP sheets for water tank
    PVC sheet for laboratory wall ceiling
    PVC sheet for chemical industry
    PP sheet for environmental protection project


    Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and polypropylene (PP) are indispensable engineering plastics for various industrial applications. With their exceptional properties, including corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and high processability, PVC and PP boards are widely utilized in chemical, aquaculture, mechanical and electronic industries, the medical sector, and market gardening.

    PP honeycomb panel for pallet container
    PP corrugated sheet for packaging box
    PP honeycomb panel for turnover box
    PVC film sheet for clear packaging


    When it comes to logistics and storage packaging, the material needs to excel in both support and bearing capacity while also meeting requirements for lightweight, reusability, and recyclability.

    Boardway's lightweight polypropylene boards, featuring corrugated and honeycomb core designs, are the perfect choice for transporting valuable or heavy goods.

    Rigid transparent PVC sheets and rolls are popular for blister inner packaging and folding boxes used in cosmetics, daily necessities, electronic products, and more.


    If you have an idea but you don't know what kind of material to use, which way to process it, please feel free to share your idea with us and we will provide you the best solution!  Email us at
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