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With the increasing and extensive application of plastic building materials, smart people have also given more creative solutions to plastic building materials. For example, PVC foam boards with openwork or embossed designs after CNC routing are used as interior partitions and screens. Rigid PVC panels or ABS panels, matching with aluminum profiles and hardware can be quickly assembled into temporary cubicle, or exhibition booth, or display boards. They can be reused, which is very convenient for temporary sites such as hospitals, offices, dormitories, etc. Die-cut PP corrugated sheets or PP bubble board, and PP sheets can be sewn into canvas bags or packaging boxes as dividers, pads and linings. PVC foam board and transparent PVC sheet are even used in agriculture as dividers to provide separate growth space for plants and abalone.
pvc board openwork

Room divider, openwork screen

Don't like boring white walls? Want to redecorate your house at low cost? We believe that many people consider openwork partition as a solution. There are many building materials suitable for partition walls, such as plywood, MDF, and metal. However, what we would like to recommend is PVC foam board with medium to high density. It may cost a little more than other materials, but since it is waterproof, termites and corrosion resistant, it ensures durability and low maintenance of the openwork partition wall.

pvc board for partition

Temporary cubicle, exhibition booth

Temporary cubicles have become a very common type of partition. Usually a set of temporary cubicle includes partition panel, aluminum profiles, and mounting brackets, but other accessories may also be added according to specific use needs. Temporary cubicle is widely used because it has the irreplaceable advantages of easy and fast installation and transfer. Based on this way of use, using PVC sheets or ABS sheets as partitions can have excellent properties of easy cleaning and long service life.

pvc foam board for plant

Independent space

Not only do we humans need an independent space when living and working, but the growth of plants also needs such an independent space. One of our very smart Thai customer came up with the idea of using PVC foam board to separate the melon seedlings. The advantages of non-toxic, odorless, light weight and non-absorbent are the primary reasons why it is chosen by customer. Many holes of the same size are made in the PVC foam board by CNC cutting, which allows the melon seedlings to grow safely in their own space.

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