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Colored PVC Sheet

Colored PVC Sheet

Colored PVC sheet (rigid PVC sheet) has chemical corrosion resistance, impact resistance, high hardness and excellent mechanical properties, can be well used in environments that require high sanitation and are defensive to corrosive substances, at the same time also bring a certain aesthetic decorative, such as industrial kitchens, hospitals, dental clinics, laboratories, clean rooms, clean production workshops, etc.

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grey pvc sheet for chemical
clear colored pvc sheet
Colored PVC sheets used as wall panels and other interior decoration, we strongly recommend colored PVC sheet with a textured finish and a thickness ranging from 3mm to 5mm. The surface texture types of rigid PVC sheet we provide are leather texture, wood grain and orange peel grain. The textured surface of the colored PVC sheet not only provides aesthetics, but also has better scratch resistance and is more durable when used in public environments.

PVC colored sheets are available in transparent colors and opaque colors. The colored PVC sheets just mentioned for chemical industry use and interior decoration use are usually opaque. The transparent color PVC sheet with a thin thickness has good flexibility and is often used in packaging, office and school supplies.

Boardway manufactures and wholesales rigid PVC sheets and we offer custom colored PVC sheets and cut to size services.  For more details about PVC colored sheets, please click to view the products below, or contact us for a quick quote.

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Opaque Colored PVC Sheet Transparent colored PVC board For Interior Decoration
BOARDWAYâ„¢ provides transparent, white color and other colors of rigid pvc sheets for sign, interior decoration, industrial use.
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Gray PVC Sheet White PVC Sheet For Chemical Uses Acid Bath Plating Tank
MOQ: 100 sheet
Unit Price: US $ 49-52 / sheet
BOARDWAYâ„¢ wholesale corrosion resistant grey PVC sheets for chemical applications such as electrolytic bath, acid tanks.
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PVC Rigid Sheet color series for decoration and industrial manufacture
Model: B - R EX
Excellent formability, Hign impact strength,Corrosion Resistence, PVC color rigid sheet
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fire-retardant waterproof Solid Rigid Colored PVC Sheets
Model: B - R EX
PVC Rigid Sheet color series ,excellent formability.
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