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Plastics have revolutionized the chemical industry with their remarkable attributes such as corrosion resistance, rust resistance, and excellent processability. Boardway offers a variety of materials tailored for chemical engineering applications, prominently featuring PVC sheets and PP sheets. We harness the innate properties of these plastics and amplify their features to ensure maximum chemical protection. Our products find extensive use in diverse settings, including laboratory facilities, bioclean room embellishments, fume hoods, plating tanks, and piping components for environmental engineering projects, to name a few. Going beyond plastic sheets, Boardway also provides pre-fabricated plastic sheets and accessories, simplifying assembly and immediate utilization at your destination.
transparent pvc for guard

Laboratory / Fume Hood

Clear PVC sheet is an ideal choice as a guard or cover in situations where visibility of operations and processes is crucial or when adequate sanitation is required. Serving as an alternative to plexiglass, PVC sheet offers high transparency and is both impact and corrosion-resistant, ensuring safety protection for individuals while enabling effective work for operators.

rigid pvc sheet for wall

Hospital / Clean Room Wall Panels

Solid PVC sheets share the same dimensions as some common building materials. Leveraging the chemical properties of PVC sheet, it can replace wood building materials in the decoration of sterile clean rooms. Furthermore, PVC sheets are available in various colors, allowing for practical applications as wall panels where different colors can be used to distinguish spaces. PVC sheet, known for its corrosion resistance and easy cleanability, enables direct cleaning and sterilization of contaminated areas with detergent.

pp sheet pvc sheet for chemical

Chemical Industry

Polypropylene (PP) sheets play a vital role in the construction of pipes, tanks, spray towers, and other equipment used in sewage treatment, waste gas treatment in environmental engineering projects, plating tanks in the electroplating industry, and acid bath equipment. PP sheets exhibit excellent chemical stability, electrical insulation, and heat resistance, making them suitable for containers involved in strong corrosive reactions in the chemical industry.

clear pvc for welding

Custom Container

Both PVC sheet and PP sheet boast high processability, allowing for bending, welding, thermoforming, and easy fabrication. We also offer matching PVC welding rod and PP welding rod for use with these sheets. Please feel free to reach out if you have any specific requirements.

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Explore chemical-resistant PVC sheets and polypropylene (PP) sheets for various engineering applications. These sheets resist corrosion, ensuring durability and safety in labs, clean rooms, and chemical processing.


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