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Transparent PVC Sheet

Transparent PVC Sheet

Rigid transparent plastic sheets are usually used where visibility of processing or operation is essential, for example, as a sight window, sneeze guards, screen panel, machine covers, equipment guards, etc. Acrylic, PVC, PC, PET, among these transparent plastic sheets of different materials, the unique advantage of transparent PVC sheet lies in its excellent corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance. In addition, pvc sheet is easy to process and fabricate, cut, bend, butt weld or weld with pvc rods, and can be machined with conventional tools. Based on this, PVC sheets are ideally applied to those applications that require chemical corrosion protection.

In the chemical industry, pvc sheets can be used in storage, transportation, operation, and processing of chemicals, such as chemical processing equipment, laboratory furniture and equipment, chemical storage cabinets, electroplating tanks, acid tanks, etc.

Low price is also one of the advantages of transparent pvc sheets. The pvc sheets with a thickness of less than 1mm are often used as advertising sign materials, printed packaging materials.

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Transparent Rigid PVC Sheet For Printing Signs Letters Advertising Industry
BOARDWAY™ provides high-quality transparent PVC sheets from 0.07 to 30mm, which can be used for printing, packaging, guard.
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PVC Transparent Sheet for Advertisment and manufacture Industry
Model: B-R EX
PVC Transparent Sheet of high tenacity, stability.
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