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What Properties of PVC Foam Board Should Be Paid Attention to When Used As a Cabinet?

What Properties of PVC Foam Board Should Be Paid Attention to When Used As a Cabinet?

Sep 29,2022
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If you are a furniture manufacturer and wholesaler, and you are looking for new materials to replace the MDF or other wood materials you are using, then you must know PVC foam board.

PVC foam board is a rigid foamed plastic building board with polyvinyl chloride as the main raw material. It can be applied to cabinets and other furniture, wall decoration and construction.

Why PVC foam board?

When you first know PVC foam board, you may be interested in it because of its many benefits. PVC foam board is moisture-proof, mold-proof, termite-proof, light-weight, self-extinguishing from fire, easy to clean, and it is also weather-resistant and can be used outdoors. These are all excellent performances that wooden boards do not have. However, when you consider using PVC foam board to make cabinets, do you know which properties of PVC foam board should be paid attention to? When you are ready to purchase PVC foam board, which product qualities need to be emphasized with suppliers?

What properties of PVC foam board should be paid attention to when used as a cabinet?
·  High flatness

All building boards, no matter what material they are made of, flatness is a very critical indicator of it. It is particularly important that the PVC foam board used as a cabinet has a good flatness. Poor production process of PVC foam board, as well as improper storage and shipping may affect its flatness and cause warping of the board.

·  Uniform thickness

As an artificial plastic sheet, PVC foam board may have uneven thickness if it is not well controlled in production, which is embodied in:
① In the width direction of a PVC sheet, take multiple positions to measure the thickness, and the difference between the maximum value and the minimum value is large.
② Take different PVC sheets to measure the thickness, the difference between the maximum value and the minimum value is large.
In either case, it will affect subsequent processing and cabinet manufacturing.

·  Strong screw holding power

To assemble the cabinet, it is necessary to use screws to fasten it. Whether the screws are easy to tighten on the PVC foam board without slipping or brittle cracking is reflected in the screw-holding power of the board.

The higher the density of the PVC foam board, the better the screw holding power. The more polyvinyl chloride content of the PVC foam board, the better the screw holding power. Among many suppliers, although you can get a PVC foam board with a more affordable price, for practicality, we recommend PVC foam board with purer raw materials to make cabinets, and the density range should be 0.55 to 0.65g /cm3.

·  Hard and scratch resistant

By using different equipment, different processes, and different sources of raw materials, PVC foam boards with different characteristics will be produced. Some may be more suitable for printing, as advertising materials, such PVC foam boards usually have a relatively soft and matte surface. The PVC foam board used as a cabinet should be hard and scratch resistant.

·  Clean surface, free of impurities, pits and dirt

If the workshop where PVC foam board is produced is not clean enough and the quality control management is ineffective, the surface of the board may have defects such as impurities, pits and dirt. If you are going to make PVC foam board directly into cabinets without other paint or lamination processing, it is very important to have a clean surface PVC foam board.
PVC cabinet
Kitchen Cabinet
pvc cupboard
pvc cupboard
Cupboard in the Balcony

Can PVC foam board be customized?

If you are buying PVC foam board from a wholesaler or trader, then the above factors may be enough to help you judge and choose the right material. However, if you buy directly from the manufacturer, you can get custom-made PVC foam board.

As a manufacturer of PVC foam board, as long as you tell us the application and requirements of PVC foam board, we can customize the production for you.

√ In addition to meeting the above requirements, you can get a PVC foam board with a more suitable size, reducing the material waste when manufacturing cabinets.

√ If the fire self-extinguishing does not meet your requirements, we can produce flame retardant enhanced PVC foam board.

√ If the cabinet needs to be UV-resistant, weather-resistant and non-yellowing, we can produce UV-resistant enhanced PVC foam board.

√ If smooth PVC foam board doesn't appeal to you, we also have matte finish, wood grain finish, and brushed finish.

√ For PVC foam board with more patterns and texture options, we offer laminated PVC foam board.

√ Our company has a processing plant that can provide you with custom processing services: cutting to size, cutting to shape, drilling, grooving, sanding, painting, etc.

pvc foam board factory
PVC Foam Board Production Line
PVC foam board stocks
Boardway Warehouse

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Boardway Processing Services

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6. Corners and edges rounding, chamfering, grooved and tongued

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