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For Printing, Foam Core Board or PVC Foam Board?

For Printing, Foam Core Board or PVC Foam Board?

Oct 8,2022
"It must be PVC foam board." Our factory manager may answer you without hesitation.

However, in the spirit of seeking truth from facts, let us analyze this question rationally. Let's start with the most basic: what is foam core board? And what is PVC foam board?


Foam core board is a composite material with a three-layer structure with non-wax coated paper as the face material and polystyrene as the core material, also known as KT board. The best known in the industry is KAPA foam core board.

Over 90% of the polystyrene core of foam core boards is air, so it is very light, meaning they can be easily transported, displayed and stored. The foam core board lays flat on its own and stays straight when supported or suspended. Thanks to its paper surface, it is very easy to print. There is also a key factor that businessmen are most concerned about, that is, the low cost of foam core boards. We can say that it is one of the cheapest printing and display materials on the market.


If you haven't heard of PVC foam board, then if we say sintra board or forex board you may know what we are talking about. PVC foam board is an expanded plastic board produced by foaming process with polyvinyl chloride (the same material for drain pipes) as raw material.

Its common density ranges from 0.4 to 0.6 g/cm3, which is much lighter than solid PVC sheet. Unlike foam core board, which can be pinched flat, PVC foam board is harder, stronger, and impact resistant. It's waterproof and weather-resistant, so it's fine to use it outdoors for a few years. The PVC foam board is white or colored, suitable for double-sided printing, and can be easily cut with a CNC router.

For printing, foam core board or PVC foam board?

Since both foam core board and PVC foam board are suitable for printing, what is the difference between them? Which is better? How should I choose?

Foam core board has a double-sided paper skin and a very flat board body, which satisfies the basic conditions for printing function. It might work well for DIY birthday party signs or supermarket weekend sales. The foam core board is incredibly light, which makes it a breeze to hang.

We often say that foam core board is perfect for a one-off project, but not necessarily the best solution. It is fragile, dentable, crackable, and it's easily affected by moisture. This means that it has a very short lifespan, a few days or a week. If you're doing trade show signs, grocery store signs, 3-month campaign signage, you might consider PVC foam board.
Foam core board
Foam Core Board / KT Board
Printed foam core board
Printed Foam Board

Although PVC foam board is also a foam structure, it is rigid, light but at the same time stronger and has a longer lifespan. It's perfect for mid to long term indoor signage, with years of use without maintenance. PVC foam board is completely waterproof and not afraid of the weather, then it can be competent for outdoor signage. They cost more than foam core boards, but you can get better performance out of your signage.

We can print directly on the PVC foam board, or use it as a substrate to paste the printed adhesive. It can be hung, placed on a stand, attached to the wall, placed outside, and in short, easy to install. However, it should be noted that some customers have problems with printing, so be sure to take samples from the supplier to test printing before bulk orders.
PVC foam board Signage
PVC Foam Board Signage
PVC foam board guidepost
PVC Foam Board as Guidepost

Both foam core board and PVC foam board are great for printing.

For short-term indoor signage, foam core board is your go-to product. If you are looking for a long term lightweight signage solution, PVC foam boards are definitely the answer. If you have any doubts about the purchase of PVC foam board, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are more than happy to recommend the best material for your application and needs.

pvc foam board factory
PVC Foam Board Production Line
PVC foam board stocks
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