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The Main Applications Of PVC Foam Boards

The Main Applications Of PVC Foam Boards

Update Time:2018/11/19
The Main Applications Of PVC Foam Boards
Boardway's PVC foam board is widely used in various industries due to its excellent waterproof, light weight, flame retardant, printable, engraving and other properties.
Advertising industry

screen printing, advertising signage, display board, sign board, CNC engraving, photo album.

bathroom cabinet, cupboard and interior decoration etc. 

Boardway’s PVC foam board is more environmentally friendly than other traditional materials.

- Zero formaldehyde - Zero formaldehyde - Zero formaldehyde, very important!

- Renewable and recycling

car pedals, car floors, ambulance interior cabinets and cruise ship interiors etc.

Besides its excellent waterproof performance, Boardway’s PVC foam board is much lighter than other traditional materials, reducing overall weight of the vehicles, thus greatly saving energy. So we can see that Boardway’s PVC foam board is more durable and more environmentally friendly than traditional materials.

Boardway’s PVC foam board can be used as boxes or covers for agricultural planting because it is waterproof, insect proof and environmentally-friendly.
Boardway’s PVC foam board has passed RoHs certification, which indicates that it is non-toxic and harmless to food, and can be recycled, making the 
utilization cost very low.


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