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How to do painting on PVC/WPC foam sheet ?

How to do painting on PVC/WPC foam sheet ?

Update Time:2020/4/30

      How to do painting on PVC/WPC foam sheet ?

Most customers who use PVC foam sheet or WPC foam sheet for furniture .   


Always ask :Can we paint on PVC/WPC foam sheet?   How to paint it?  What kind of paint can we use?

Here is some tips for you:

1. Can we paint on PVC/WPC foam sheet?

Yes PVC/WPC fam sheet can be paint. 

2. How to do painting on PVC/WPC foam sheet?

1st step : Sand the boards with 220-grit sand paper or a sanding block to create a textured surface for the paint and primer. 

2nd step: Wipe the PVC with a cloth to get rid of particles or dirt created from sanding

3rd step: Apply a thin coat of the primer/sealer made for plastics to the PVC foam sheet with a stiff natural bristle brush. Let the boards dry for about an hour, and then apply a second coat with a foam brush in long, even strokes. Let the second coat dry fully, which takes one or two hours.


4th step: Apply a coat of acrylic latex paint in your desired color/finish with a foam brush, roller or electric paint sprayer. You may need to apply multiple coats.

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