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A Tentative Analysis of China PVC Foam Board

A Tentative Analysis of China PVC Foam Board

May 18,2023
If you plan to source PVC foam board from China. First, it is certain that this is an ideal decision. China is one of the countries with the largest production capacity of PVC foam board in the world. In China, there are hundreds of PVC foam board factories of different scales. These factories have different manufacturing processes, different product lines, and specialize in different products. What does this mean?
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The PVC foam boards produced by different factories are different.

1. Some factories may only be good at celuka foam board, while others can produce free foam board, celuka foam board and co-extruded board. These factors are related to the type of production line.

2. Most of the factories can produce PVC foam board with a thickness of 5mm to 18mm. Some factories can produce PVC foam boards with a wider thickness range, from 3mm to 25mm. There are also a few factories that specialize in the production of 1mm and 2mm ultra-thin foam boards.

3. In addition to thickness, there is also a difference in width. All factories are capable of producing PVC foam boards with a width of 1220mm. Some factories also have the ability to produce 1560mm and 2050mm width at the same time. There is also a rarer width of 915mm.

The difference in thickness and width is also related to the type of production line, and more importantly, it is limited by the mold of the production equipment. For example, a production line with a width of 1220mm is definitely unable to produce boards with a width of 1560mm and 2050mm. Simply put, if a factory has more production lines and different molds, the range of specifications of PVC foam boards it can produce will be wider.

4. In addition to these differences in production equipment, different factories use different raw materials and formulas, which will also lead to differences in PVC foam board products. For example, some factories produce white PVC foam boards with ivory white as the main color, some are pure white (white like paper), and some are ghost white (with a little gray tone). In addition to the difference in color, more importantly, the composition and ratio will also affect the strength, toughness, hardness and other properties of PVC foam board.

5. The last factor to be mentioned that makes PVC foam board products different is the production technology. It is not the hard power of the production equipment mentioned above, nor the soft power of raw materials and formulas. Production technology is a "smart power". It is embodied in how our technicians make the PVC foam board on the production line to the best state by adjusting the equipment and raw materials. This is the experience that technicians have practiced for many years. Some customers and competitors visited our factory to learn to produce PVC foam boards, but the PVC foam boards produced must be different. Perhaps it can be likened to this, it will never taste like Coca-Cola.

The more variables there are, the greater the product and quality differences between PVC foam boards from different factories will be. This means that in China, you will be able to buy all kinds of PVC foam boards, good and bad.

So, how to find the ideal supplier?

First of all, the common sources of suppliers are nothing more than exhibitions, Google search,, Made in, and social media such as Facebook and YouTube.

The second is to confirm whether the supplier can provide the specifications you need. If possible, ask the supplier to provide some pictures or videos for your reference. Then some factories that do not have production capacity can be excluded.

If you meet a supplier who quotes directly based on specifications and quantities without talking about the product itself, it may be a middleman. Failure to communicate directly with the factory may lead to deviations in product information leading to differences in product performance and order details.
However, if this is a middleman who knows the product very well, and he can help you solve problems, communicate effectively, or go to the factory to inspect the goods, then why not do it.

Last but not least, let the supplier know exactly what the PVC foam board is used for, whether it is used indoors or outdoors, which properties are necessary, and other product-related details.

Finding suppliers is not difficult, the hard part is that you need to spend enough time comparing them. Among these suppliers, whoever can produce the specifications you need, can customize the production of PVC foam board according to your application and performance requirements, and can respond quickly is the most suitable supplier for you.

Product Quality and Price

Maybe you think I missed mentioning something, like price? After the process of finding suppliers mentioned above, there may not be many suppliers selected, and it is time to compare their quotations.

The more product details are discussed with the supplier, the better the quotation will match the product. What does it mean? For example, confirm the tolerance range of PVC foam board specifications (including length, width, diagonal, thickness and density), application (for printing or furniture), performance requirements (hardness and strength, flame retardant standards, anti-ultraviolet radiation), packaging requirements (whether the packaging is carton or pallet, whether the protective film is transparent film or custom LOGO film), order quantity. When all these details are confirmed, then the supplier's quotation will be very close to the quality you want.

The price largely reflects the quality of the product. In the absence of these product details, the supplier may attract you with a low price to stand out from other suppliers, and often the corresponding product at such a price may be of low quality within the standard range.

Finally, the suppliers whose quotations can satisfy you, let them provide you with PVC foam board samples. Samples reflect the quality of mass production. If there are samples from several suppliers, it is easy to compare the differences between PVC foam boards produced by different factories.

Aiming for a lower price?

Spend more time and compare more suppliers and you are sure to find a cheaper price. However, we strongly recommend that you do not just bargain for the price, let alone ask the price at the beginning of the inquiry, which will easily mislead the supplier into thinking that you only care about the price, not the quality. Otherwise you don't know what quality PVC foam board product you are going to get. Buying and selling business is a process of information exchange between two parties, and it is also a win-win process. When the quality and price, the interests of the buyer and the seller are balanced, it is time to start a long-term cooperation.

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