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Small things big role

Customer's idea is aways very creative. Boardway is not only a board maker, but also provides processing service, with various processing machines and tools, clean and spacious space, excellent design team, Skilled workers, which can meet various processing requirement. Main machines: CNC engraving machines, laser engraving machine, multinational drilling machine, wlectronic sawing machine, table saw, screen printing device, computer print machine, film cover production line etc.

Projects we had made

ABS sheet to make the spare part to insert into doors
PVC rigid sheet by CNC processing for the chimney cover
PVC clear sheet by CNC processing for children's playground windows
Acrylic sheet by CNC and printing for the name tap
PE sheet by CNC as dancing tool
PP sheet by CNC cuting for to different design for screen

Material option:

  • PVC foam sheet
  • PVC rigid sheet
  • ABS sheet
  • PE sheet
  • PP sheet
  • Acryic sheet





Manufacturing, Wholesale, Custom Processing for Plastic PVC Sheets and Profiles

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