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I need non-standard size board or custom shapes. Can you help with cutting?

I need non-standard size board or custom shapes. Can you help with cutting?

Update Time:2020/1/7

Of course, welcome to provide drawings with detailed requirements for processing. (Normally CAD files are needed.)

Boardway, as a professional manufacturer with more than 10 years experiences in the industry, not only has the capacity of producing plastic sheet materials, but also has the processing capacity of die-cut,CNC-engraving, drilling, nailing, etc., so that to meet various demands of customers around the world.

The cutting machines we have and cutting methods we do:

Cutting machine from the control mode to distinguish, divided into CNC machine and manual cutting machine.

CNC cutting machine is the use of digital programs to drive the movement of the machine tool. When the machine tool moves, the assembled cutting device cutsthe object. This electromechanical integration of the cutting machine is known as CNC machine.

CNC cutting machine is mainly used for the special-shaped cutting of plain plateand pattern engraving on the surface. By changing different cutting device,cutting out rounded corners, right angles, fine edge, round edge and all kinds of engraved patterns, and also drilling, grooving. Compared with the traditional manual cutting, CNC cutting is more flexible and more accurate.

V-cutting PP honeycomb board

Engraving PVC foam board

Cutting and slotting compact panel

Grooving PVC foam board on edge

The manual cutting machine,as the name implies, is manually operated by the worker to cut the sheet asrequired. It has higher technical requirements for workers to operate cutting machines themselves.

The manual cutting machine we have the following two kinds, milling machine and saw table.

Milling machine(also called trimming machine)

When the processing amount is small, it is used to repair the beveled edge, rounded corner, etc.

Milling machine

Sawing table

When the processing amount is small, it is used to cut out regular shapes such as rectangular, triangle,etc.

Cutting PVC rigid sheet by a saw table

Cutting PVC foam board by a saw table


Holes at vertical and horizontal direction of the PVC foam sheet

Holes at vertical direction of the PVC foam sheet

Holes at horizontal direction of the PVC foam sheet

Nail gun

Assembling the PVC foam board with a nail gun


PVC foam board assembled into storage cabinets

Display of processed products

Engraved letters


Storage box

Outdoor sign


If you have an idea but you don't know what kind of material to use, which way to process it, please feel free to share your idea with us and we will provide you the best solution!  Email us at
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