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Whether PVC foam board is flame retardant

Whether PVC foam board is flame retardant

Update Time:2020/7/27

Whether PVC foam board is flame retardant

PVC Foam Board

Because of its excellent waterproof, lightweight, printable, engraving, easy processing and other performance, is widely used in various industries: advertising, building materials, agriculture, decoration, and automotive industry. 

For PVC foam board, different application, different usage area have different requirement of flame retardant.

Generally speaking, for some big exhibition, like Canton fair; project decoration, for example hospital interior wall decoration project; automotive industry like interior decoration, these industry have higher requirement of flame retardant.

So Whether PVC foam board is flame retardant?

The answer is yes, PVC foam board is flame retardant.

There is different requirement in China and aboard. The test standards used are also different. The following is the analysis of the test results of Boardway PVC foam board


China standard: GB 8624-2012 Classification of combustion performance of building materials and products

Boardway PVC foam board can reach the GB 8624-2012 standard combustion performance grade B1, smoke grade S2, and burning drop grade D0. Please refer to the test report in below.

American Materials Association Standards: ASTME84-16 Standard Test Method for Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials,

Boardway PVC foam board can reach the combustion performance grade A of ASTME84-16, here is the test result:


French test standard for fire resistance of building materials NF P 92-507:2004 Fire Safety-Building interior fitting materials

Boardway PVC foam board can reach M1 of NF P 92-507:2004. Please refer to the following test report.


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