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PVC sheet for door making

PVC sheet for door making

Update Time:2021/1/5

PVC sheet for door making


Both PVC foam sheet and PVC rigid sheet have many different application, with a good waterproof advantage, they can both use for making door, mainly is for bathroom door. In Thailand because of the high humidity, they are using a lot for their living door, office door as well.


See the below pictures, make from PVC rigid sheet and PVC foam sheet.


How customer make it?


If customer use a PVC foam board, using a 25mm PVC foam sheet directly making it as a full door, or they can also put the foam part in the middle of 2 pvc rigid sheet, see the below pictures, 1st one is full 25mm pvc celuka foam board, 2nd and 3rd pictures is middle PVC foam, top and bottom is 2mm PVC rigid sheet.

If using PVC rigid sheet, combine with pvc foam sheet as we mentioned above, but for saving cost, customer will use a cheaper material in the middle, for example, extruded polystyrene foam, honeycomb paper board.  

The PVC rigid sheet can also be made by different kind of embossed sueface.

These are some popular size and thickness for door making:


PVC foam board

Popular thickness: 3mm , 12mm and 25mm

Common size: 800*2150mm, 900*2150mm


PVC rigid sheet

Popular thickness: 1.4mm, 1.5mm, 2mm

Common size: 915*2150mm, 930*2330mm, 975*2175mm

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