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Resumption of Work under Coronavirus Disease

Resumption of Work under Coronavirus Disease

Mar 6,2020

Dongguan City, a city of Guangdong Province, China, is a world-famous manufacturing city with a population of up to 10 million. Among them, more than half is migrant workers. Every year, when the Spring Festival is approaching, it will become an "empty city". After the Spring Festival holiday, migrant workers will return from different places, manufacturing goods for the world at full blast.

During the Spring Festival in 2020, the original rhythm was disrupted by the sudden outbreak of Coronavirus Disease. Most companies, which scheduled to resume work around February 3, has postponed the resumption because workers were isolated in their hometowns. Domestic logistics was not yet operational, and the supply of raw materials was scarce. "People-oriented" has always been the basic of the Chinese government's ruling policy. When the safety of workers cannot be ensured, no enterprise is allowed to start production.


The Chinese government's calm and meticulous treatment of the epidemic, situation has achieved great results: the source of the infection was discontinued, and the people of the whole country did not go out together; the statistical data was counted accurately, then it was communicated openly and transparently to the world; departments at all levels fought together to research economic development strategies in time. After a period of control, the situation of the epidemic was getting better, and the government department has notified that qualified enterprises can resume production on February 20.


In order to help enterprises to alleviate economic pressure, some landlords consciously waived rent for two months. For the purpose of reducing the risk of employees being infected, companies spend a lot of money to contract buses and take employees from their hometown to the factory directly. Factories that resume work must be quarantined by the disease control department. Each employee in the factory must hold a health certificate to work, disinfect twice a day and monitor the temperature three times a day. Officials of the local business department will also regularly visit and guide the production safety.

Let's see how our factory works. MUST-HAVE before returning to work included masks, disinfection water, thermometer, disposable gloves, medical team, separate dining place. The employee voluntarily reports his/her whereabouts 14 days before returning to the factory. Medical team conducts daily health monitoring for each employee for 14 days. Before work, the supervisor explained the epidemic prevention knowledge of each worker through WeChat groups, and had documents for the use of disinfectant and masks to train and learn to improve the self-control ability of employees. Every day before work, the cleaning team disinfected all facilities and equipment, especially for workshop, office, toilet, kitchen, canteen, elevator, and dormitories. Each area of the workshop must have disposable hand sanitizer. Workers wear clean and disinfected work clothes and wear masks and gloves to operate the machine. Meetings were conducted through a video call. Employees go to the canteen in batches, only one person per table is allowed. Daily used masks and gloves were destroyed after centralized disinfection. It can be said responsibly that every product was produced in a strictly safe environment. Nothing is more important than safety production.

At present, provinces and cities other than Hubei have gradually resumed normal traffic and production. After the epidemic, Chinese companies have paid more attention to safe production, cherished every partner, and gained more cooperation opportunities with a rigorous and responsible attitude.


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