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Small Village in Hubei under Coronavirus Disease

Small Village in Hubei under Coronavirus Disease

Mar 3,2020

At the beginning of 2020, Wuhan City (the capital of Hubei Province, China) became the focus of global attention overnight because of the Coronavirus. In a small village, which is 340 kilometers away from Wuhan, 251 farmers used their methods to actively fight the epidemic and live with great effort.

The Spring Festival is the largest traditional festival in China. The day before the Spring Festival, the village committee issued a notice in the WeChat group: According to the national unified requirements for the prevention and control of the Coronavirus Disease, villagers are not allowed to gather, drop around, organize and participate in any group activities during the Spring Festival.

The villagers who did not leave home did not understand the seriousness of the matter, but all actively followed the rules. The celebration with relatives and friends were canceled, New Year greetings was changed to via Wechat. People and vehicles returning from other places was reported to the village committee without delay. After that, the people and vehicles would have unified isolation and observation. At this moment, the Chinese people who usually emphasized social relationship were a little "ruthless", and posted "NO VISIT DURING THE EPIDEMIC PERIOD" on the door.

Being unable to go out has not affected the villagers much. Meat has already been stocked before the festival, while chicken and pork were the most common. If the stock of meat is used up, the chicken in the yard is going to be a delicious meal. Fresh eggs laid by hens has enlarged our breakfast options. Vegetables can be seen everywhere in the village. The housewife just needed to run out of the house, pinch a few in the field, wash it and put into the wok when the temperature was reached to a certain degree, add in seasonings, then the delicious organic vegetable is done. After all, the epidemic can't stop the spring breeze, rain and dew from feeding the earth.

In contrast to the comfort of the villagers, there are volunteers who are active at the entrance of each village. Some of the young and strong volunteers are on duty at the intersection of the village, some are promoting knowledge to the villagers, some are persuading the villagers to return, some are sterilizing the passing vehicles, and some are helping the villagers buy living supplies on behalf of the villagers.Both old and young are subject to strict control."People's war" means giving full play to the people's power and winning the battle. Every citizen abided by the regulations, and some citizens took the lead and took responsibility for the prevention and control in an orderly manner.As a result, there have been no cases in the village.

As villagers learn more about the disease, even strict control measures are gaining support. Volunteers needed to take photos to confirm the population, an old couples who have lived in the mountains for their whole lives have their first photo taken together. The children who haven’t been with their parents for a long time have a completed family portrait. Even the father and the son who had a major fight just now have to get close to each other with blushing face, which brought bright smile to the volunteer who took pictures of them.


The road in the village is still blocked, and the cold has not retreated yet. However, the housewives began to prepare the dried vegetables for the coming summer. The potato seeds in the field had grown into tender leaves. Winter jasmine bloomed and withered. Colorful camellia and cherry blossoming in the mountains. The children's online learning is going on in an orderly way.Listening to the news on TV that the number of confirmed cases had decreased, the old farmers began to call their old friends and make plans for spring plowing after the ban was lifted.


Spring breeze blowing the earth, life continues, we firmly believe that the epidemic will soon be over!


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