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What Are the Texture Options for Expanded PVC Foam Board?

What Are the Texture Options for Expanded PVC Foam Board?

May 4,2022
What is PVC Foam Board?
pvc foam board
PVC foam board is a hard expanded plastic sheet that mainly made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), also called expanded PVC foam.
The common PVC foam board has a smooth surface. It is widely used in furniture, printing and advertising, interior decoration and construction due to its advantages of light weight, waterproof, non-flammable and easy processing.

But you know what? PVC foam board not only has smooth surface, but also can have different textured surface. In this blog we will share what textured surfaces PVC foam boards have and how the textures are created.

How is the texture of PVC foam board made?
In our previous blog, we shared the manufacturing process of PVC foam board. After the molten raw material is extruded from the mouth die, it is shaped into a flat board through multiple sets of shaping dies. At this time, the PVC foam board has become a board shape after passing through the shaping dies, but it has not been completely cooled to room temperature.

To make a textured PVC foam board, we can add another set of textured molds after the shaping dies. A set of textured molds consists of two rollers, which are placed above and below the PVC foam board. The two rollers roll at the same speed, and while driving the board to extrude, the texture on the rollers is pressed to the surface of the PVC foam board.
Matt PVC foam board
Production of matt PVC foam board
wood grain roller for pvc board
Wood grain roller

More information about textured PVC foam board
· Surface textures feel textured to the touch, not just visual texture.

· Boardway supplies textured PVC foam board with matt finish, wood grain finish and brushed grain finish.

· PVC foam board can be double-sided textured or single-sided textured, that is, one side textured and the other smooth.

· Textured PVC foam board is produced to increase the diversification of customers' choices. Its specifications and performance are the same as common smooth PVC foam board without any change.

· Textured PVC foam board can also be produced in color, and the color can be customized.

· The PVC foam board with embossed surface is not produced directly on the production line, but the PVC foam board is reheated and formed in a mold under high pressure. We will share more details in future blogs.

What Are the Texture Types of PVC Foam Board?
Matt PVC Foam Board
Matt PVC foam board has better surface scratch resistance than smooth PVC foam board. Also, it is very easy to clean and can be used directly as office furniture.
matt PVC foam board
Production of matt PVC foam board
black matt pvc board
Matt finish

Wood Grain PVC Foam Board (Deeper tactile texture)
We provide a variety of wood grain styles, customers can choose according to their preferences. Nonetheless, we classify wood grain types by the depth of the texture, which means we have deeper tactile texture and flatter tactile texture.
Wood Grain PVC Foam Board
brown Wood Grain PVC Foam Board
PVC Foam Board with wood grain finish

Wood Grain PVC Foam Board (Flatter tactile texture)
A flatter tactile texture is also a texture that is both visible and tactile.
textured pvc foam board
black pvc foam board

Brushed Grain PVC Foam Board
The brushed grain roller has been changed to matte roller by us. We can always customize new rollers on request.
textured black pvc foam board
textured pvc foam board

Non-slip PVC Foam Board
This is a PVC foam board with a non-slip embossed surface. It is the perfect solution for traditional plywood floors that are not waterproof, durable, prone to cracking and ideal as a mobile platform.
nonslip pvc foam sheet
Non-slip Foam PVC
pvc foam board for floors
Foam PVC Floors

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