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What is Sanded PVC Foam Board? What's It For?

What is Sanded PVC Foam Board? What's It For?

Oct 13,2022
As an ideal alternative for wood panels (MDF, particle board or plywood), PVC foam board works well in furniture boards, decoration panels and display boards. To be used for these purposes, we often need to do some processing such as painting, pasting, and lamination to the PVC foam board. Then we must first ensure that the PVC foam board has a good surface suitable for these processing.

The surface of the PVC foam board is hard and smooth. We can directly paint, paste, and laminate on it, and we can also sand the surface to get better processing results.
PVC foam board laminating aluminum
PVC foam board laminating HPL

Sanding Treatment

The sanding process of PVC foam board involves using sandpaper or abrasive materials to abrade or smooth the surface of the board. It is a mechanical process that helps to remove imperfections, create a smoother texture, and prepare the surface for subsequent treatments or finishes.

For small size and small number of PVC foam boards, you may use sandpaper to sand the PVC foam boards. For our factory, we have a sanding production line that can automatically sand the PVC foam board with full size, which is 1220x2440mm (4x8ft).
Sanded Surface
Sanded Surface
Sanding Machine
Sanding Machine

Why Sand the PVC Foam Board?

1. Smoothing the Surface
Sanding helps to smooth out any rough or uneven areas on the surface of the PVC foam board. It removes small imperfections, bumps, or texture irregularities, creating a more even and consistent surface.

2. Improving Adhesion
Sanding the surface of PVC foam board creates a slightly roughened texture, which improves the adhesion of adhesives, paints, or coatings that may be applied to the board. This enhanced adhesion ensures better bonding and durability of the applied materials.

3. Enhancing Paint Finish
Sanding the surface of PVC foam board provides better paint adhesion and promotes a smoother finish. It helps to create a surface that allows paint to adhere more effectively, reducing the risk of peeling, flaking, or uneven coverage.

4. Removing Gloss
PVC foam board often has a smooth, glossy surface, which may not be desirable for certain applications. Sanding helps to reduce the gloss and create a matte or semi-matte finish, providing a more aesthetic and suitable surface for specific uses.
PVC Foam Board
Non-sanded PVC Foam Board
Sanded PVC Foam Board
Sanded PVC Foam Board

But you may have such doubt: 

Will the strength of the sanded PVC foam board be diminished?

In our practical application, we found that the performance of the sanded PVC foam board is the same as that of the non-sanded PVC foam board.

For more scientific proof, we sent the sanded PVC foam board to SGS laboratory for physical and mechanical tests. The results show that the data of the PVC foam board after sanding are all within the standard value.
PVC foam board Data Sheet
Dimensional Stability
MSDS of PVC foam board
Charpy Unnotched Impact Strength

It's important to note that not all PVC foam boards may require sanding, and the need for sanding depends on the specific application or desired outcome.

We provide paid sanding service for PVC foam board. If what you are looking for is better pasting or lamination processing quality and a longer service life for the finished product, we recommend that you choose a sanded PVC foam board. Your investment in it is definitely worth it.

pvc foam board factory
PVC Foam Board Production Line
PVC foam board stocks
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