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We Understand You Care About Price, But

We Understand You Care About Price, But

Nov 11,2022
There is no "but", the price of our PVC foam board is indeed the most competitive in China!

Boardway has been one of the top professional plastic sheet manufacturers in China since 2006. We have always insisted on doing one thing, which is to focus on the manufacture, wholesale and processing of PVC foam sheet. Our factory is located in Zhejiang Province, with a total area of over 108,000 square feet. In our PVC foam board workshop, we are equipped with a total of 8 production lines, with a maximum total production capacity of 1200 tons per month.

This is what we want our customers to know: Boardway has our own factory and we are the manufacturer of PVC foam board. And for the customer, you don't have to worry about the extra profit of the middleman in our product offer.

pvc foam sheet
PVC Foam Board
pvc foam sheet
PVC Foam Board

The price of our PVC foam board is the most competitive in China. There is a premise that this is a comparison between PVC foam boards with the same quality.

Take apples as an example, those with less than 150 grams vs those with more than 150 grams, and those with an overall red appearance vs those with a white or even cracked appearance. These are just appearances, they are small or ugly, but at least they are fine to eat. And apples are not much juice, sweet or not, these are things that cannot be seen from the outside, we only know when we eat them.

The quality of PVC foam boards from different factories in the Chinese market is also like this apple. They may have issues of one kind or another that may not affect performance, such as impurities and bumps on the board, insufficient length or width. Or, the raw materials used in the production of PVC foam boards are of inferior quality, which you cannot see from the outside, but this often affects its function.

This is what we want our customers to know: Boardway has a complete production management system and product quality management system. We insist on providing customers with only high-quality products, and we firmly reject all business practices that attract purchases with low prices while offering poor quality products. We give priority to quality, so that customers have no worries about quality and no after-sales troubles. This is also one of the cost-saving solutions.
pvc foam board manufacturer
PVC Foam Board Production Line
PVC foam board supplier
Boardway Warehouse

Gradually, we met more and more customers. Not only did they buy plastic sheets from us, they also asked us for custom processing. "Can you make the shape I want?" "I need some signboards, can you print them?" "We have a project, can you help with sample and test according to my drawings?" "I also purchased goods from three other factories, can you help me arrange LCL shipment?"

To meet these needs, we started a business in processing and supporting services. It can be said that it is our customers who make us. Until now, the processing services we can provide include cutting, grooving, chamfering, laminating, sanding, printing, edge banding, hot bending, thermoforming etc.

We accompany our customer and give our 100% commitment to take his furniture business from an idea to the implementation, from design, sample, to improvement of design, mass production, and then to stable reorders. We are honored to be a participant in our customers' products, and we are delighted that our products satisfy them.
pvc foam board CNC
CNC Routing
pvc foam board edge banding
PVC Edge Banding
pvc foam board printing
UV Printing

We understand that you care about price, but this is really a good value for money.


If you have an idea but you don't know what kind of material to use, which way to process it, please feel free to share your idea with us and we will provide you the best solution!  Email us at
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