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The upcoming National Day holiday and Mid-Autumn Festival

The upcoming National Day holiday and Mid-Autumn Festival

Sep 30,2020

The upcoming National Day holiday and Mid-Autumn Festival

The Chinese National Day and the Mid-Autumn festival are very important for China; especially since both of these important holidays fall on the same day in 2020.

 The China National Day:

Tourists take photos with an 18-meter-tall flower basket display in Beijing's Tian'anmen Square . The basket, a decoration for China's National Day holiday celebration, contains representations of flowers from all over the country and decorative fruits with auspicious meanings. The handle of the basket and the 4 big Chinese Letter 祝福祖国(blessing our motherland) is made from PVC foam board with CNC engraving and spray painting.

Along Chang'an Boulevard, the main artery of Beijing that forms the northern boundary of the square, 10 floral displays will be placed with different themes depicting China's development and achievements.

The Mid-Autumn Festival:

The MidAutumn Festival is a conventional festival for both the Han and minority nationalities in China. 

The custom of worshiping the moon can be traced back to the ancient Xia and Shang Dynasties. 

In ancient times, the moon was associated with sacred rituals and festivity, attaching the concepts of fertility and child birth to its round and luminous nature.

There are many traditional folk stories about this festival. However, most people think that the story of Chang’e is the most touching. Chang’e was Hou Yi’s beautiful wife. 

After Hou Yi shot down the nine suns, a goddess gave him magic medicine to thank him. Whoever took this could live forever, and Hou Yi planned to take it with Chang’e. However, a bad guy, Pang Meng, tried to steal the medicine when Hou Yi was not home. Chang’e refused to give it to him and took it all. She became very light and flew up to the moon. Hou Yi was so sad that he called out her name to the moon every night. One night, he found that the moon was so bright and round that he could see his wife there. He quickly laid out her favorite fruits and desserts in the garden. How he wished that Chang’e could come back.

After this, people started the traditional of admiring the moon and sharing mooncakes to Chang’e. At the same time, they enjoy the yummy moncakes with their family.  

According to Chinese lunar calendar,the 8th month is the second month in autumn and ancient people called it Mid-Autumn (Zhongqiu in Chinese). 

On the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar, the moon is extremely round.Chinese people mark it Mid-Autumn Festival. The round shape to Chinese meansfamilyreunion,therefore the Mid-Autumn Festival is also a holiday for members of a family to get together. 

On that day, sons and daughters will bring their family members 

back to their parents’ home for a reunion, and people who have settled overseas sometimes will come back China to visit their parents too.


At night, family members will enjoy all kinds of the moon-cakes with tea under the round and bright moon.

Finally Boardway’s all members wish everyone: Happy Mid-autumn Day



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