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Bad Things About PVC Foam Sheet You Should Know

Bad Things About PVC Foam Sheet You Should Know

June 8,2022
What is PVC Foam Board?

PVC foam board, also known as expanded PVC sheet. It is a rigid, closed cell, foamed PVC sheet with half the density of solid PVC sheet, which gives it a lighter weight. PVC foam board is suitable for most indoor and outdoor applications due to its high usability and durability, and is an ideal alternative to wood board. PVC foam board is widely used as a multifunctional board, such as sign boards, display boards, kitchen cabinets, interior decoration, wall panels and construction. However, do you know what are the disadvantages of PVC foam board?

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PVC Free Foam Board
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PVC Celuka Foam Board
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PVC Co-extruded Foam Board

You Told Me Not to Choose PVC Foam Board, Why?
1. Not resistant to high temperature
Due to its thermoplastic properties, PVC foam board may soften and deform when it reaches 80 degrees Celsius (176 degrees Fahrenheit). It is not suitable for use in high temperature environment.
2. There is no natural texture like solid wood
As an artificial material, PVC foam board has an expanded closed cell structure, which cannot have the trees growth rings like solid wood. Nonetheless, we can laminate decorative materials on the surfaces of PVC foam board to make it look like natural solid wood panel.
3. White PVC foam board turns yellow when used outdoors
Although its yellowing is slight, there are still some customers who cannot accept it. Our suggestion is for customers to buy off-white instead of snow-white PVC foam board, or buy a PVC foam board with enhanced UV resistance.
4. The screw holding strength is not good
If you hear that the screw holding strength of PVC foam board is not good, this is based on its comparing with solid wood board. This is essentially a screw-holding strength contest between the expanded closed cell structure and the wood fiber structure. However, we can improve the screw-holding strength of PVC foam board with more efficient fasteners and installation methods. Moreover, the higher the density of PVC foam board, its screw holding strength is better.
5. PVC is non-toxic unless burned
Polyvinyl chloride emits hydrogen chloride gas when it is burned, and a certain amount of hydrogen chloride gas is harmful to health.

Despite these disadvantages, PVC foam board is still a very useful plastic sheet in our daily life. Let's take a look at the advantages of PVC foam board.

Advantages of PVC Foam Board
1. Lightweight for easy handling and installation
The density of common PVC foam board is ranging from 0.5 to 0.65g/cm3. Its density is only less than half of the solid PVC sheet, and it is also less than or equal to the density of some wood panels. This allows the PVC foam board to be handled and installed very easily.
2. Resistant to water and moisture
PVC foam board hardly absorbs water and is water and moisture resistant, which makes it very useful in humid environments.
3. Corrosion resistance
Polyvinyl chloride is a material that is resistant to acid and alkali, and is resistant to most chemicals. So in practical application, we don't have to worry about the corrosion or rust of the PVC foam board.
4. Resistant to termites and white ants
PVC foam board is unattractive to termites and white ants. Indoor furniture made of PVC foam board will not be eaten by them.
5. Self-extinguishing from fire
The common PVC foam board is self-extinguishing from the fire, and the fireproof reinforcement board can meet ASTM E84 Class A.
6. UV resistance
Compared with wooden boards, PVC foam boards are not easy to be crushed and cracked when used outdoors, and have a longer service life. Especially the PVC foam board with added anti-ultraviolet agent will perform better in outdoor use.
7. High strength
Depending on the density, PVC foam board can be very rigid or flexible.
8. Easy to process
Without special equipment and tools, PVC foam board can be easily drilled, nailed, sawed, CNC cut, hot bent, laminated, sanded and painted.
9. Printable
PVC free foam board is one of the three types of PVC foam board. It has a matte finish and large size, making it ideal for printing and sign.
waterproof pvc foam board
Waterproof PVC foam board
PVC foam board CNC cutting
CNC cutting
PVC foam board screw
Insert bolt to pvc foam board
Insert bolt

Understanding the disadvantages of PVC foam board may not be to keep us away from PVC foam board. What we need to do is to combine its advantages and disadvantages and apply it more reasonably in various industries. In a later blog, we will share how we, as a manufacturer of PVC foam board, recycle and reuse PVC foam board.

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