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PVC Decorative Panel

PVC Decorative Panel

When we use pvc foam board as decorative wall panels, or wardrobes, wine cabinets, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, we may prefer to use pvc boards with decorative surfaces instead of pure white or single-colored pvc foam boards. Just like MDF or particle board with pvc film covering, pvc foam board can also be covered with pvc film or other surface materials. Many of our customers purchase sanded pvc foam board from us, and laminate the skin material in their own processing plants.

Boardway has the laminate processing capability and can provide pvc wpc foam board with a decorative surface. The options for surface materials include pvc film, HPL, aluminum film, acrylic, toughened glass, etc. You can choose the surface design from the supplier we often cooperate with, or you can provide us with surface materials for laminate processing.

The pvc foam board covered with decorative surface also has excellent waterproof performance. It is still the best choice for kitchen and bathroom furniture and wall panels, and it is also an alternative building material for MDF or particle board.

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